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: Exterior Discussion / Modifications

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  1. Functional hood scoops for RT
  2. New Shaker hood with a twist
  3. Painted Hood Scoop Bezels
  4. Flourescent orange R/T stripes?
  5. Finally pix
  6. How to take off front grill?
  7. Paint code for flat(satin) black used on rear spoiler
  8. Under hood power block
  9. Foglight to Turnsignal conversion
  10. Scratched up mirror pretty badly, need advice...
  11. AfterFX Widebody
  12. Thinking about adding some bling
  13. Pics of my T/A. Finally done!!!
  14. Need Help.
  15. Red stripes on blue chally?
  16. Roof body seam filler strip removal
  17. Dealer installing Corsa catback question
  18. question about aftermarket spoilers
  19. Sorry guys no time to search
  20. Has anyone removed a Billet style hood badge yet?
  21. 'Bee wheels on Chally R/T?
  22. anyone seen this new hood
  23. going to try the Cervini's shaker system
  24. Teaser: DC Performance Caliper Covers
  25. Converting the center tail lights to work with the outer tail lights
  26. Vinyl Decal/Quality (Avery A6) Question...
  27. Carbon Fiber
  28. HEMI Billboard on my Challenger.. What do you think? (VIDEO)
  29. looking to buy a Daytona style engine cover
  30. Powder coated my Boss 327's, got a nice decal...
  31. Split Front Grill
  32. Installed my shaker and hood on my B5! Pics!
  33. Splash guard feedback
  34. Door Mirrors / Defrosters
  35. My shaker hood painted
  36. 5.7 Hemi engine cover question
  37. Why hasn't someone made hood badge delete..
  38. Are there "Fender Flairs" required for SRT chin spoiler?
  39. Custom painted engine covers
  40. Mopar "beltline" stripe, whats it look like
  41. classic stripe
  42. Photoshop my car B5 Blue
  43. Painting the SRT8 spoiler?
  44. Look ma, no prop rod!
  45. Mopar rear spoiler part # for an R/T Challenger
  46. Chrome exhaust tip question
  47. Vent shades
  48. Slammed To The Ground With Sportlines
  49. My new exterior mods
  50. Activate DRLs questions???
  51. Where have you bought side stripes besides Rider Graphics?
  52. Less is More
  53. Hood pins on CF hood
  54. Question
  55. white striping on a TorRed or Inferno Red
  56. Vinyl Graphics
  57. Ant photos of the MOPAR splash guards?
  58. H.I.D. Conversion?
  59. Super Strobes
  60. Opinions needed regarding my shaker ...
  61. RiderGraphix kits vs other brands?
  62. Dodge Hood Lettering
  63. New Underhood Mod
  64. Bling bling for My engine bay
  65. Hood Misalignment
  66. New RiderGrafix STripes on my R/T
  67. New Drop Top Stripe Kit Available.
  68. Challenger 70's style Script plastic emblem question
  69. Mud flaps
  70. paintin' the challenger.
  71. Hockey Stick stripe question
  72. Frankenstein Engine Cover?
  73. I need a good photoshop designer
  74. Just Put On New Stripes
  75. Two questions on Window Tinting
  76. Classic Challeger script fender quetion
  77. Chrome Gas Door ?
  78. Has anyone ordered and installed....... stripes
  79. Back-Up Alarm, Anyone?
  80. Where to Buy Decals
  81. Shaker Hood
  82. Lower Rocker Panel Stripe And Caliper Covers
  83. Blind Spots and Side View Mirrors
  84. General Lee
  85. BFxenon fog install
  86. Pic of ew lower stripes on my R/T
  87. is there a Market for Powdercoated 20In SRT Challenger wheels
  88. Shipped
  89. Bumper Holes
  90. Does anyone know how to get the brakelights out?
  91. Tinting front windshield.
  92. Painted spolier
  93. Shaker choices????
  94. Lighting done
  95. Trouble with sequential turn signals
  96. Tint issues
  97. Color Choices!?
  98. Painted my tag bracket B5 Blue
  99. New Stripes Installed
  100. Is the Engine Cover for 5.7 needed?
  101. All red tail lights
  102. Ridergraphix New Install Pics
  103. stripes at night
  104. Im losing sleep here in Detroit! Color help.....
  105. Help - Trunk Lid or taillight adjustment
  106. Textured RPI spalsh guards
  107. I screwed up on my tailights = /...help me with knowledge
  108. Is anyone having issues Webelectrics?????
  109. Lug nutz !
  110. SRT8 Modifications
  111. Black on Black?
  112. Added SRT8 badge to grill
  113. Old School Beauty Mark
  114. Silver RT Grill Badge?
  115. rear spoiler rt emblam too much$
  116. Underhood bling finished
  117. Advice on rear bumper and grill removal?
  118. Where can I get this? (Black tail light strip)
  119. BRUSHED: Hurst shift stick and MBRP Tips
  120. TA Hood Question
  121. finally got my stripes done
  122. Seibon CF Hoods
  123. Custome Spoiler
  124. Naphtha or Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning prior to graphic install
  125. Mr. Norms Cuda tail panel
  126. Anyone purchase the G5 Performance Aluminum spoiler
  127. 5.7 Badges
  128. what do u guy and girls think
  129. Suncoast Shaker is HERE!
  130. Need information
  131. Classic Style Deep Water Blue MOD's
  132. Installed billet style grille
  133. new Nose Badge from Billet Tech
  134. Painted stripes.
  135. Modified and painted my engine cover
  136. Changing up the lighting
  137. Side Exhaust Mod
  138. Caliper Covers, Start Button, & Hurst Shifter Installed
  139. My first mod, brake calipers
  140. Pics! Black R/T w/real carbon fiber vinyl
  141. Techco Valve Covers
  142. Painted the Brembos!
  143. 200 Classic R/T question. Script emblem placement
  144. CoverKing car cover scratches factory rear spoiler
  145. functional hood scoop part number
  146. Orange R/t with stripes
  147. Orange Daytime Running Lights
  148. Question About Stripes/graphics
  149. New Challenger Hood I spotted!!!
  150. Need to know how to remove paint from my black fender
  151. My Stone White R/T, lowered and new stripes
  152. MOPAR Parts numbers for Spring Special Stripes
  153. Carbon Fiber Hood + Graphics
  154. Window tints???? What % looks good?
  155. need info on R/T Rear valance install on S/E
  156. Where can I order these decals???
  157. removing factory stripes.
  158. One of a kind custom stripes!!!
  159. Where can I buy the carbon fiber tail?
  160. cubic inch emblem challenger script rt emblem
  161. Rocker panel/valance removal-diagram needed
  162. Rear Spoiler Install
  163. Carbon Fiber sticker for my doors!
  164. Aftermarket Concept Grill
  165. PhotoChop request!! PCP with T/A hood!
  166. Rear Gas Struts too powerful for Carbon Fiber deck lid
  167. Caliper Color?
  168. Window tinting issue?? Help!!
  169. Classic R/T owners Help with Script measure!
  170. Side Vents?
  171. Exhaust Tips?
  172. R/T Strode Strips and Tint
  173. Just got my nose badge
  174. Installed Revolution Motorsport Stripe Kit.
  175. Cost to install body stripes.... anyone??
  176. '71 Cuda front grill
  177. boss 338 rims
  178. Underhood insulation pad with SRT logo
  179. I hope no one on here owns this!!!
  180. Looking at matte/gloss/satin black rear spoiler...
  181. Custom Nose Badge and Hood Pins Added
  182. HELP:Challenger Script Grill Emblem
  183. Transformer Decepticon Theme...
  184. Hemi Orange Calipers Done
  185. Removing windshield washer nozzles
  186. 4404spd - Paint Advice?
  187. Did some pinstripping today
  188. Finally was able to get some exterior mods done.
  189. Painted hood stripes....having issues
  190. My DIY Stripe Install
  191. Engine Cover is Done
  192. Body Stripes/graphics
  193. Lowered my B5 Blue!
  194. Hood Pins
  195. Pics of my "mods"
  196. show & go license plate bracket
  197. Hockey stripe
  198. Color matched taillight and headlight surrounds
  199. Any body kits out for the 09 Challenger
  200. Upgrading to Chrome Gas Cap.. Question.
  201. I know this has been done before..... cracked rocker panels
  202. T/A style stripes and black out hood
  203. SRT Engine Dressup, including Fuel Rail Covers
  204. Best I could do to hide my front license plate!
  205. AECarbon: How about a front splitter a-la SRT10 concept?
  206. Trunk lid uneven
  207. Inferno Red Engine Cover Mod.
  208. Help with Hood Supports Drivers/Pass part #'s
  209. Has anyone removed their rear bumper cover?
  210. Boss 338 Rims
  211. Got Stripes, New Spoiler, and Painted Rocker Panels
  212. Got striped and flamed!
  213. Does anyone know the CF Hood Stripe part number?
  214. Removing Grill Parts
  215. SEIBON CF hood installed
  216. WHERE TO BUY????? Classic Challenger Trim
  217. I really want a Shaker but...
  218. polishing my car ( try this if you are real fussy)
  219. What color stripe on a Torred Chally?
  220. SRT Hood Stripes
  221. RPI Splash Guards - 2 ideas - need input
  222. Removing Rear Spoiler
  223. Chrome vs Black Chrome
  224. Picture of new G5 T/A hood, being shipped now
  225. My DODGE Challenger
  226. Painted hood stripes....opinions please
  227. Driver door panel gap and trunk bulging up problem on SEs and RTs
  228. I need BLACK hood pins for my Cf hood
  229. Trunk lid question
  230. Got the stripes
  231. G5 Notched spoiler - repainted and installed on silver SRT
  232. limo tint and splash guards
  233. Shaker system
  234. SEIBON CF pron
  235. Foglight Harness Connector Change Possible?
  236. Matte Black Widebody Dodge Challenger
  237. how do i get to the headlights?
  238. Carbon Fiber or Smoked
  239. Classic Design Concepts Shaker System?
  240. Rocker Chrome...What do you think?
  241. Something that would be cool!
  242. Black Challenger - hood Stripe - Suggestions?
  243. Pic's of new Group 5 (G5) notched rear spoiler in black
  244. Looking for windshield decal.... help please
  245. Exterior accessories we'd like to see made for our beloved Challenger:
  246. Carbon Fiber '70s stripe on black
  247. Go Wing
  248. New Challenger Mod - Sequential Tail Lights
  249. Ta Hood
  250. slp loudmouth sounds great on the srt8!