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  1. Hollywood Challengers
  2. Mopar Bucks: Cat Back question
  3. 6sp dyno question
  4. Stripes - history
  5. Hail storm sweeps in and ruins my Challenger
  6. Seen on TMZ...
  7. Below Invoice Challengers
  8. More than one interior color?
  9. Music Video Being Shot on Saturday, July 17th at 2010 LX & Beyond Nationals
  10. The Viper Shaker...I like it...
  11. Important passenger rule when supercharging your Challenger
  12. Mopowered Tour 2010
  13. Mopar Registry
  14. Engine Bay Pics
  15. Hey Vendors
  16. Advice: Six Months Idle
  17. Do These Wheels Pay Proper Homage?
  18. Window shades ?
  19. Hurst 6 Speed Shifter
  20. SRT Track Experience - St. Louis 6/2-6/4
  21. SMS Challenger coming to Mariette Ga only place in Ga to get them Ed Voyles Five star
  22. Is this a good deal on a 2010 SRT8?
  23. Traded!! Auto for the 6 Speed!
  24. Anybody have a red striped RT (hood to fender)?
  25. bad vibrations: What could it be? Half Shafts or Driveshaft?
  26. Challenger Cruise In Vancouver B.c.
  27. Had a good chuckle at my son's TECH/AUTO class on Friday.
  28. Just installed my CAI, it took me 2.5 hours
  29. DRL help.
  30. One HID Headlight Issue
  31. DY SRT with TA hood
  32. VIN number on Transmission?
  33. Add more 70's retro to the Challenger?
  34. Where are all the Drivers
  35. Channel 99
  36. VIN already.Yippee!
  37. MOPAR Bucks with factory ordered car?
  38. Thanks One and All! Finally Some Pics!
  39. Another reason to check your rocker mouldings
  40. Mopar Bucks Employee pricing?
  41. Destination Charge
  42. Help... What options do i have with my Car
  43. Could the Viper v10 ever accommodate "hemi" heads?
  44. Any other Yellows....?
  45. Good price?
  46. Mopar Bucks question
  47. Who here bought a factory ordered car?
  48. chrome door handles any good?
  49. Man, I sure got the boot from monicatti
  50. Did you guys have to pay taxes out of the $2000 in Mopar Bucks?
  51. 5.7 CAI PCV hose mod
  52. Well i knew it would happen
  53. Katzkins?
  54. Autobahn Country Club Joilet
  55. Katzkin Black with Purple
  56. Srt Expeience
  57. Best price I've seen for a Challenger so far
  58. Convertible or T-Top
  59. Stock Radio Music Type Settings
  60. Mopar Bucks Items Installed Today
  61. Swap SRT8 wheels for my Chrome clads?
  62. Alaskan Challengers!
  63. WTB SRT Track Experiences.
  64. Challenger Alarm with Mopar Bucks??
  65. Locking in the 1.9 rate
  66. ram air set up
  67. B5 question.
  68. Good News For Dodge-
  69. What a difference...
  70. Fit and Finish Issues
  72. 09 RT 6 speed chassis dyno how to
  73. Hemi Orange
  74. I need to go faster, much, much faster.....
  75. Subtle striping on a black SRT8? What to do?
  76. Ordered Mine From Bob Frederick Today!
  77. Order now?? or wait for the 2011???
  78. 500 mile oil change
  79. Caliper covers
  80. Just got wind of this Mopar meet
  81. Black or White stripes?
  82. Questions about Gauges
  83. Which site vendor has the best price?
  84. Has anyone seen the gorilla?
  85. SLS 540HP & 700HP Challengers at ED VOYLES DODGE MARIETTA GA
  86. Just ordered by Mopar Bucks accessories, killing me on labor
  87. Which color spoiler do you like?
  88. Ground Effects
  89. Towing the Challenger
  90. Shifter vibrates at high RPM
  91. Putting engine cover on is a b****
  92. A Banner Day:-(
  93. Updated news for the 6.4L & sublime Green
  94. Will a srt-8 mopar cold air fit an r/t?
  95. 383 Hp
  96. new 600hp N/A challengers for sale at 73K
  97. Challenger Classic stripes
  98. a couple questions, one about mopar bucks
  99. Removing Center Armrest for embroidery ?
  100. Gear Ratio question
  101. Mopar Bucks - Installation
  102. Finally got me a Chally!!
  103. Rust Already?
  104. paging brampton builder (and others in the know) - markings quesiton
  105. Headliner sag
  106. New guy questions
  107. What happened to the thread of wheelhop and the HopNot kit?
  108. Driving in traffic..recommendations? (6 spd)
  109. Strut cover (How to remove)
  110. Poll How many Detonator Yellow SRT8's
  111. DY invoice questions
  112. HEADS UP.....CHECK your lug nuts people!!!
  113. What did you do with parts replaced by mopar buck accessories?
  114. Keep the auto.. or buy a 6 Speed??
  115. Challengers are very rare in my neck of the woods
  116. Gumball 3000 Challenger Impounded In Ontario For Speeding
  117. What do they mean the Challenger is heavy?
  118. Safety recall j27 Front Wheel Hub Nuts
  119. Hoodliner photo please?
  120. Need Some Quick Tuning Help From The Blower Guys!@!!!
  121. Extended warranty prices?
  122. Are all the mopar parts on backorder???
  123. Lukester ripping it up at Salzburgring
  124. Bad*ss Decals
  125. Decent set of ramps at a decent price......
  126. Better Way To Spell.....
  127. Opinions on Saleen Challenger?
  128. Help Me Answer This.
  129. mygig back up camera (moved)
  130. Warning for 58mph in a 55mph zone!
  131. Dealership intentionally damaged my car
  132. Magnetic drain plugs
  133. Muffler Maturity?
  134. led lights in dome lights
  135. For those who used mopar bucks for katzkins...
  136. Has anyone else seen this Challenger/Camaro/Mustang video?
  137. RT with no spoiler
  138. Viper Wheels
  139. Partial fix for skip shift
  140. '06 SRT8 Wheels & Painted Mud Guards Are On
  141. Mopar Gods are Angry - Blown F1 Clutch?!
  142. Question about Mopar (Borla) Cat-Back
  143. What does "CAI" mean?
  144. Not sure I like this Challenger
  145. A/C always on
  146. Woodward Dream Cruise update
  147. Chrysler/Challenger marketing update
  148. mygig playlists importing
  149. My GIG problem help!
  150. To those waiting for their Borla/Mopar Perf. cat back...
  151. Opinions and Experiences with Chrome Clad Wheels
  152. B5 SRT w/ Beltline Stripe & Splashguards
  153. Article on Autoblog About Chysler 0% Financing
  154. Help me decide on a vanity plate
  155. New wheels
  156. Anyone interested in some Classic's in or near Tennessee?
  157. Question for those CAI equipped car owners.
  158. Top Front Bumper Sagging???
  159. Blasphemy???
  160. Dealership damaged my Challenger
  161. Concept Challenger Font
  162. Are the Classics out-selling standard R/Ts?
  163. will a 19" wheel fit an SRT8? (and clear the brakes)
  164. Checking computer codes without Predator/OBDII reader
  165. Salvage Chally
  166. No Satellite Radio on my 2010 SE "E"; what are my options?
  167. Ever go to a different makers service department
  168. Challenger's should be used for medical purpose's
  169. Voiding your warranty with mopar parts
  170. The new brochures ARE IN!!!
  171. Dashboard vs Adhesive
  172. Chryslers new incentives, same for Challenger.
  173. My SRT finally arrived but has two small issues
  174. SRT Kicker Sub
  175. brake squeal; your input
  176. First Day Stops and Stares!
  177. Concept Wheels
  178. How to sell Srt8 track experience
  179. Mopar Bucks extended until May 31st
  180. Steaming>>kooks Headers
  181. Boss just put a door ding in the challenger
  182. Drive NY TO Fla?
  183. Important! Motor Vehicle Notification in the mail today
  184. Hurst Shifter Insulator Kit Instructions???
  185. Found 2010 Challenger Brochure Today
  186. Yet another Drag Pac Challenger
  187. orange classic w/ white stripes
  188. Chrysler April 2010 Sales up 25 Percent – Challenger Sales up 42% versus April 2009
  189. 6-speed manual
  190. Test Drove a 2010 Mustang GT and Challenger R/T Classic Yesterday!
  191. 5.0
  192. 2011 Challenger
  193. can mopar bucks be used for parts install?
  194. A couple pics of my PCP R/T
  195. Headlight and Taillight tint
  196. Exhaust on R/T manual with super track pack?
  197. Any 2010 Challenger Brochure For Sale?
  198. Looking for 20 inch Cragar wheels
  199. changed battery and lost all mygig hardrive music
  200. Does silver get the attention of black?
  201. I got it! this car is SICKNESSSSS
  202. I have a twin
  203. Low Grade from Consumer Report
  204. question about dealer oil change?
  205. Vapor Challenger at Dyess AFB
  206. 2nd Oil Change
  207. Intake Flow Rates / Velocity ?
  208. 1.9% and mopar bucks extended--sort of
  209. Radio Problem
  210. Drum Roll Please!!!!!
  211. has anybody gotten this
  212. New 1/6 scale SRT 6.1 Hemi Engine
  213. Hey trinity owners---check out this mount.
  214. Auto bill draft would require black boxes, allow NHTSA to issue quick recalls
  215. Dodge Challenger in Russia
  216. I 75 Detroit area Challengers 4/30/10
  217. Vehicle Movers
  218. Upgraded / Built 6-Speed Tremec?
  219. Question on the MP cat back system.
  220. Head Liner Question
  221. Order date for 2011 Challengers
  222. Yeah it's got a Hemi
  223. Are there different bolt patterns?
  224. DC Performance Dyno Day- Meet and Greet
  225. SRT Pedals
  226. I got Pulled Over for...
  227. Gear ratios
  228. 2011 6.4L Challenger...Who will trade?
  229. Dealer Told Me Today-
  230. 27J Package
  231. RSP Motorsports Dyno Day-Ontario,Canada
  232. QUESTION: anybody order the corsa extreme and predator for the RT auto
  233. Mopar Bucks?
  234. 2011 Challenger might have a supercharged or turbo 6.4L after all =)
  235. Incoming! What to use my Mopar Bucks On?
  236. New 6.4 info
  237. my first ticket in 6 years
  238. My New Plate
  239. Is this record Time from ordered to delivered? MY CAR IS HERE!
  240. Military Challenger Owners
  241. Best dealership in Los Angeles to buy a Challenger
  242. Ppl who have bought exhaust w/mopar bucks
  243. To SE and SXT owners
  244. the Ferrari California interior
  245. Typical Summer Challenger Incentives?
  246. Test Drove SRT8 auto/RT stick
  247. NMCA Event in Bowling Green, KY. This Weekend
  248. Super Track Pack RESULTS please
  249. Have my B5 Classic 50 weeks now
  250. Where are the original sheet metal molds now ?