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  1. We are the Champions
  2. Chicks commercial ? who cares......
  3. Catch Can content after 3,000 miles...Pics Inside
  4. 2010 Prices, incentives and deals.
  5. Traded my car in for a SS.
  6. Light Slate Gray Insert - 2010 R/T
  7. Is this cable this cable routed correctly?
  8. Speedy's Challenger 1 Year Old Today
  9. How did I miss this?
  10. Inexpensive alternative to 345HEMI badge
  11. Vin Win says "staged for shipment" Good I hope.
  12. Car Show 4/17/10 all welcome!
  13. How long does it take to get a BT catch can?
  14. fuel
  15. vinwin? Where's the link?
  16. Challenger track experience available
  17. Help with Catch Can install
  18. So orange is still available in 2010!
  19. SE Article
  20. Selling your Challenger
  21. Consumer Reports rates the Challenger
  22. Video: Challenger With/Witout Noweeds Exhaust Diverter
  23. Used RT value?
  24. Anybody heard of those "E3" sparkplugs?
  25. Diablo Tune on SRT8 Challenger
  26. how can I get on VINWIN?
  27. Quarter Panel damage advice
  28. Toggle switch for the F2 Fuse?
  29. Detroit AutoRama
  30. Plates have arrived!
  31. 480 rwhp and no heat now?
  32. Diablo Tuning Question/Help
  33. last 09 ORANGE?
  34. Would you sign the papers beforyou see the car?
  35. Ordered car before Feb, getting after Feb, and have 1.9? Come in here
  36. Utah Bill to Ban the Use of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
  37. Just signed the dotted line..
  38. Chrysler Advisory Board Closing Mar 1 2010
  39. Buyer Beware Question??
  40. Not impressed yet
  41. Vin Win Question
  42. Is there a way to check codes for engine light that is on?
  43. VINWIN "Paper Receipt"
  44. Anyone purchase extended warranty?
  45. Help with issues seen at delivery/pick-up...
  46. Air Force Supercars - Challenger & Mustang
  47. "Vanishing Point" warning sticker?
  48. Can Bright White be ordered yet?
  49. Anybody going to Vegas? Roadtrip !
  50. Lighter Delete - Stock Cap Removal
  51. Challenger MAGAZINE AD
  52. Special authority to move-what does it mean?
  53. 09 challenger recall
  54. What's your price for your SRT8?
  55. What filter & oil (brand and weight) are you using?
  56. Door Panel Insert?
  57. My Mopar conversion story
  58. Question about buying a Challenger
  59. Fun in the snow
  60. Making A Dodge Challenger
  61. Best Car Magazine
  62. My car is scheduled to arrive March 1st. Is it possible it may arrive earlier?
  63. New R/T in the Garage
  64. Cervini's upper and lower grill
  65. Now THAT's a markup!
  66. Cabin Fever anyone???
  67. lift kit
  68. pcp production numbers
  69. Fuschia Allocations Toronto Area
  70. 1 Year later: Still turning heads?
  71. Challenger Wish List, Post yours.
  72. Looking for a good Mopar magazine
  73. Running out of modification Ideas!!!HELP
  74. Tell Dodge about Rocker Panels!
  75. Arrington
  76. With all the 6.4 2011 talk...
  77. Question about tire pressure monitoring system
  78. Is it a good idea to buy the first year 6.4?
  79. Burn Notice
  80. March Incentives
  81. Consumer Reports on Chrysler products
  82. ESP light and Symbol both on after CAI install?
  83. Chevy Reports Chooses the Challenger SRT8
  84. Rattle on drivers side dash?????
  85. SRT8 vs SS Article
  86. 2010 Challenger R/T build sheet location?
  87. Squeaking Brakes.
  88. Furious Fuchsia
  89. My Purple hits Peel
  90. Little or no AM reception on U Connect radio
  91. Need some help on fuel door removal
  92. Winter Arrives in Ontario
  93. Will the 2011 6.4 Challenger be available with a 6M?
  94. VinWin is confusing
  95. YEE HAW.. The WAIT is OVER
  96. PCP Cars Delayed; VinWIN Little Help.
  97. Dodge Needs Recall On Rocker Panels!
  98. Natural Born Killers!!!
  99. Techno supercharged R/T.. Thoughts
  100. where's the cats
  101. Need some help please!
  102. GMAC APR Program on Challenger is Price Protected (You can lock in)
  103. What an insult!
  104. Chrome Clad specs
  105. 6.1L Charger Drops Valve Cyl #4
  106. Engine Oil Temperature
  107. Challenger Script Part # ??
  108. "How to Do It"
  109. Mopar Announces 2010 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Program for Grassroots Racers
  110. Little Help Please
  111. Headrest removal?
  112. OEM Parts research Websites?
  113. Has any one recieved there car lately
  114. Best Exhaust Comment Ever
  115. B-Body Fan stopped by
  116. Burnout (Rocket Science 101)
  117. what happens if you put dexron vi fluid in a chrysler 300?
  118. Test Drove a Detonator Yellow SRT8 6-Speed!
  119. Hemi Orange Is Back!!! 2010,2011
  120. The Batmobile
  121. how do you check the trans fluid level?
  122. p0428 COde
  123. Anybody else have green interior lighting?
  124. 09 SRT windows
  125. EVIC Top speed display
  126. EVIC Top speed display
  127. Wot Third Gear Grind?
  128. Quality Control checks before delivery....
  129. Vanishing Point R/T Classic in Toronto
  130. Ever wonder which cars are faster than your Challenger?
  131. Just turned 5,000 miles....
  132. 16 PCP Challengers heading west
  133. Keyless Go- Damaged Key Msg.
  134. Need CY 2009 Challenger Sales Numbers
  135. 2010 R/T - Good Deal?
  136. Driving one mile at a time every day
  137. Real world MPG
  138. Replacement Tires for the RT
  139. My SRT8 PCP Went JS Today - Time-Frame To Dealer?
  140. X or H pipes for the R/T exhaust
  141. Going to dealership tomorrow in hopes of trading my SE for a R/T
  142. anyone install the splash guards?
  143. Upcoming Event: 14th Annual Chrysler Performance Trade Show and Swap Meet
  144. Another question for TECHCO guys!
  145. About this "Don't say 'Chally'" business...
  146. Is the Billet Tech Catch Can reverse threaded?
  147. Cracked side skirt in FL!
  148. If or when the 6.4L comes out
  149. R/T exhaust system
  150. New Predator CROM Update: 9r22 (2010 SRT8 Support)
  151. My SRT8 PCP Went JS Today - Time-Frame To Dealer?
  152. Thank you fellow member jandiet
  153. Getting the Challenger as a second car a good idea?
  154. new HO paint timeline?
  155. What Inspired the FF Challenger?
  156. Fuchsia Challenger???
  157. SRT storage
  158. Catch Can Results - Blackstone Labs
  159. Two bummers in one day; what a B#$@&
  160. unsold dy srt8 in Canada
  161. Mopar ??
  162. Factory 5.7 chip boosts 5.7 to 392HP ???
  163. More Dodge Dealer B.s.-
  164. 2010 Dodge Challenger Brochure
  165. Snapped a lock tag on my stock air intake... HELP a guy!
  166. What type of Exhaust is best???
  167. Another Pair Of Rocker Panels Cracked-
  168. Modern Day AAR Cuda? Who remembers what AAR stands for?
  169. Toyota recall....could Chrysler take it ?
  170. Top Speed Feature in EVIC
  171. Questin regarding my 0-60 mph time!
  172. Lockpick vs NavTV for rear camera
  173. Manual Transmission Remote Start
  174. Burnout Technique?
  175. New: One more PCP and DY SRT8 coming to Mississauga
  176. DCX Custom tune Datalog Part II
  177. may miss the 1.9% cutoff; can you lock in?
  178. Just One Look......
  179. how to find vendor hhp
  180. new tires
  181. Fake hood pins OK but fake hood scoop not?
  182. Whats a Billet?
  183. Trading up
  184. B5 Srt 2010
  185. I love this Car! What do you think a fair price is?
  186. Is lonewolf a member on here?
  187. Chaprell Dodge Dealer Thumbs Up!
  188. Manual Shift Boot on Auto
  189. Red Dragon
  190. What Kind of Challanger Sighting-Acknowledger Are You?
  191. I need help from Techco owners
  192. Photos of new car
  193. How well does MDS work?
  194. VinWIN - Hold Released on 02/16/2010
  195. Was D1, now D????!!!!
  196. Dual with Caddy forum
  197. Mopar Performance Exhaust
  198. What to do with classic R/T Deep Water Blue?
  199. New Color Hood-To-Fender Stripe Released by Dodge Today!
  200. Grrrrr
  201. What's your story?
  202. What ever happened to............
  203. Whats PCP going for in your neighborhood?
  204. 1970 Challenger PM Owners Survey 1,400,000 Miles
  205. Those interested in sales figures
  206. Thanks forum regulars
  207. hood pin's
  208. Christine is Plum Crazy
  209. Still No 2010 U.s. Challenger Brochure Out
  210. Carroll Shelby display at Toronto Show
  211. Spotted it the Orlando, Fl. area
  212. Doubt There Will Be 2012 Challenger-
  213. 2010 Chicago Auto Show Pictures
  214. Dropping my wife off at the Nissan dealership
  215. New Challenger "cuda Gilled" Rockers-
  216. Broken Rocker Panels Getting Serious-
  217. What is the "Chrysler exhaust note"?
  218. Another Cracked Rocker Panel
  219. Vanishing Point
  220. Oil Catch Can Question
  221. Thanks Tim @ dcx depot...custom tune
  222. Security Alarm question
  225. Who knew 20MPG could be so fun?
  226. Challenger R/T on the new Bull Run
  227. Challenger Die Cast Police Car (1/24 scale)
  228. Tested My Performance Brakes the Hard Way
  229. It Just Gets Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. Even the dealers can't get it right!?!
  231. stilyong
  232. What do you think?
  233. Opinions Please!
  234. 40 Year History of the Challenger
  235. Turn off the "Oil Change Required" message????
  236. Getting ready to head out on a 2500 mile trip.
  237. dirty mary crazy larry
  238. How flexible are dealers when ordering cars?
  239. Brought her home today!
  240. Marchionne sees Alfa Romeo rollout in Brampton
  241. CHALLENGER:something special-
  242. Billet Fuse Box Cover
  243. Sirius finally died today...
  244. PCP Challenger Dead @ 500 miles
  245. What To Do????
  246. All's well that ends well.
  247. Do Not Attend Motor Trend Auto Show-
  248. $50 Mopar coupon for any new Dodge purchase
  249. Getting Challenger out for first time in.....
  250. MIL (malfunction)Light came on