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Dodge Challenger News & Polls This forum contains Dodge Challenger News, Dodge Challenger Polls and other site related functions. (Dodge Challenger News)

Dodge Challenger News

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Dodge Challenger Polls

This section contains polls involving the new Dodge Challenger. Site related polls will also be contained in here. Only Administrators can start polls in this section.
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SRT Engineering Chat Session

This section contains the SRT Engineering Team Chat Sessions. Only the Administration team can start new threads in this section. Topics will be closed when chat sessions are not scheduled.
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General, Performance, and Technical This forum contains all subject matter related to the new Dodge Challenger. If your post does not involve the Dodge Challenger, please use the Off-Topic section. (Dodge Challenger Forum)

General Challenger Discussion

This section contains general discussion about the Dodge Challenger. If it does not fit into a more specific area, it probably belongs in here. (Dodge Challenger General Discussion)
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General Maintenance Discussion

This sub-forum is for the discussion of general maintenance of your Challenger such as oil changes, coolant maintenance, brake pad replacement, differential fluid changes, alignments, air filters and everything else to maintain your ride.
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Performance Modifications

Want to talk about performance modifications for your Dodge Challenger? This is the forum for that. Anything related to quick bolt-on mods (e.g., cams, heads, oil catch cans etc.). (Dodge Challenger Performance Modifications)
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Track Talk

This is the place to post time slips, track stories, track photos and videos, and track event info
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Road Course / Autocross

This is the place to post road course and autocross stories and event info
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Engine Bay / Under Hood Modifications

This area is for the discussion of and to show off your engine bay/under hood modifications.
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Exterior Discussion / Modifications

Want to change the look and appearance of your Dodge Challenger? This section is for the discussion of any exterior visual modifications. Examples include wheels, custom paint, grills, etc.
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Interior Discussion / Modifications

If you are interested in modifying your Dodge Challenger's interior, this is the place to talk about it.
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Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video

Anything that pertains to the interior electronics modifications such as stereos, A/V, lighting...not exclusive to the Challenger please feel free to share
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Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Bling? Offset? Dish? Get it all here. Forum sponsored by: Discount Tire
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Detailing / Car Care

Want to talk about detailing your Dodge Challenger? Are you fanatical about the care and upkeep of your Challenger? Tell us about it in here.
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Picture/Media/Art Post

If you have any pictures or other media involving the new Dodge Challenger, please post them in here. (Dodge Challenger Pictures, Dodge Challenger Media, Dodge Challenger Art)
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This is a contest for the community to choose which car is the Ride of the Month
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Model Specific Discussion

Dodge Challenger SRT8 Specific

This area is for discussion specific to the Dodge Challenger SRT8 model.
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Dodge Challenger AWD GT (2017+)

This section is for the discussion of the new All Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger GT
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2015 Challenger Information & Discussions

This area is for general conversations about the 2015 Challengers
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Dodge Challenger R/T Specific

This area is for discussion specific to the Dodge Challenger R/T model.
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Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific

This area is for discussion specific to the Dodge Challenger SE/SXT model.
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Classic Dodge Challenger Specific

Need to discuss something specific to the Classic Dodge Challenger? This is the place to do it.
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TECH Exchange

What is This?

Everything you wanted to know about the TECH Exchange
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Articles - Engine, Core

Heavy duty, high definition engine topics
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Articles - Engine, Other

Everything else relating to engines
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Articles - Driveline

From the flywheel back to the axles
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Articles - Chassis

Suspension, steering, rolling stock, etc.
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Articles - Body

Body, electrical, interior, etc.
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Articles - Other

The Kitchen Drawer
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TECH Exchange Discussion Area

Forum for contributors, editors, hangers-on and camp followers
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Working area

Submissions for Approval
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Dodge Challenger Classifieds Private areas require logon

Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Review

This section allows members to share their personal review of a business transaction or product, positive or negative, with other members of the community. **NOTE: Please read and follow the rules for this section found in the "Sticky" thread BEFORE posting: Review Section Guidelines
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Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade

This section is for private party classified ads for PARTS (No commercial links to sales. NO VENDORS). **NOTE: Please logon to view contents. Please read and follow the rules for this section found in the "Sticky" thread: Buy/Sell Guidelines
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Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade

This section is for private party classified ads for VEHICLES (No commercial links to sales. NO VENDORS). **NOTE: Please logon to view contents. Please read and follow the rules for this section found in the "Sticky" thread: Buy/Sell Guidelines
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Dealer Experience

The place to talk about your buying & selling experiences with dealerships***SEE RULES STICKY BEFORE POSTING***
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Dodge Challenger eBay Classifieds

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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

Site Supporting Vendor deals, coupons and promotions.
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Adam's Polishes

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Blaque Diamond Wheels

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Borla Performance Industries

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Barton Industries

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Discount Tire

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Diode Dynamics

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Just Bolt-On Performance Parts

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Hydra Motor Works

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High Horse Performance

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HP Tuners

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Hemifever Tuning Inc

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Need 4 Speed Motorsports

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ORACLE Lighting

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PK Auto Design

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Solo Performance

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Steve White Motors

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Community Help Section

New Member Introductions

If you are new to the site please create a thread in here to say hi. We encourage all of the members who are 'lurking' and reading about the Dodge Challenger to post in this section at least once!
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Community Help

Having a problem with our website? Post here to see if fellow members or staff can assist you. For more immediate assistance, please send a PM directly to any staff member. **PLEASE: do NOT post Challenger-related topics in this section**
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Off Topic Section

Off-Topic Discussion

Anything not Challenger-related having legitimate subject matter goes here - must be work-safe. Post ALL social & 'just for fun' threads in the Chat Lounge ONLY). **NOTE: ALL forum rules apply in Off Topic - NO POLITICS**
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The Garage: For OTHER car talk

Want to hang out and talk about other cars & car stuff? This is the place to do it!. Come on in and kick some tires... **ALL forum rules apply in Off Topic**
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Challenger Chat Lounge

Come on in and visit with your friends... This section is for socializing and 'just for fun' type threads. Please ONLY post those threads within this section **ALL forum rules apply in Off Topic**
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Regional Forums This forum is designed so people can communicate with others in their own geographical regions with Challenger related events and news


Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
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Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
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Texas, Oklahoma
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Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
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Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin
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Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
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Please select from the regional sub-forums below.
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  • 1.8M


For all those outside of the U.S and Canada
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