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Originally Posted by Coldsteel View Post
Man, I'm so bummed that I missed out on this. *I didn't see the post until today* but it wouldn't have mattered since I worked that day but...looks like y'all had fun.
I think a lot of folks either didn't know or didn't see until too late, myself included. The OP posted it in the exact right location on the forum, but most members do not check their respective region often enough to catch these event announcements in time, and I include myself in that as well. I try to remember to check the Mid-South section every so often, but invariably I find that I only remember to check it if I happen to scroll down and see it listed in the master list of sub-sections.

It's a shame too, because if more folks would utilize these sections to communicate related information, more members would make it a habit of checking for updates, and the more the whole process would drive members to utilize the sub-sections for their threads instead of all just posting in the General section.

But since so few folks post in these geographically specific sub-sections, many members never think to check them for updates, thus events like this one go by unknown to those who might benefit best from it. And that ultimately reinforces the behavior of lot of members that just post everything in the General section to make sure their thread gets maximum views. It's a helluva catch-22, that's for sure!

It would really be nice if the website would allow us to subscribe to a specific sub-forum like this, like how we can subscribe to a thread to ensure we get emails when new posts are added to the thread. If we could subscribe to just the general sub-sections, such as this one, then we could get emails when new threads where started, such as this one, and be up to date on relevant information/events with minimal effort.
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