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Originally Posted by AeroAstroRick View Post
Sorry I missed it. These kinds of things can be hard to get good turnouts initially. It sounded like fun, and I'm really curious to learn more about what some folks have done to their cars. With everything I have going on in life it's hard for me to set aside a whole day. Hopefully we can try something again in the future though. There's plenty of venues to check out. Every Saturday evening down the street from me there's a impromptu car show in the Home Depot parking lot. It may also be fun to put together a group at Royal Purple Raceway.
Next year we may be doing a shop party instead of a lunch meet at the shop where I detail/ceramic coat vehicles so it may be a little different. Then, we will roll out to the shop for dyno pulls. I know some people were upset that we skipped the cruise around 610 but I think it was the right idea because I think a back roads type route would be a more pleasant experience for everyone. Either way, we'll have to see if I host it next year because I may not have a Mopar then.

Having said that, I'm surprised none of the A8 owners noticed that they had the car in the wrong gear on the dyno. I'm pretty sure he was in 4th instead of 6th because I was seeing 392 cars putting less than 300 to the tires. We will look for another shop if we do it in 2k18 and right now I'm thinking about contacting SeriousHP because they do some pretty badass Hemi builds.

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