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Originally Posted by jzta View Post
How many cars do you think get sold a year that have been "repaired" Mr OregonScat? I felt as the OP with 60 miles on vehicle when purchased.

I don't have any idea. I do know that the damage needs to cross a threshold before disclosure is required (depending on state law and manufacturers requirements.)

I'm sure, some shady dealers keep everything in house and don't disclose anything

During my 3 years with Ford, I saw one vehicle, that was damaged after delivery to the dealer. 2015 aluminum F150, minor rear door damage. The damage was below Fords threshold and the vehicle was sold as new with no disclosure.

I saw several minor issues from shipping and again, minor issues with dealer trades. But these were more along the lines of dings and/or scratches.

I personally don't think the number is very large.
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