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Originally Posted by BlackHemi41 View Post
Retro sells, but so do bragging rights.
Brilliant words, 41. Creative advertising doesn't hurt either. Years ago, manufacturers were scared to death of Washington, and in the middle seventies, nobody would have dared to air a commercial showing a car burning its tires up and down city streets. We've come a long way baby.

As I've said before, 95 percent of the people who would see and maybe appreciate the Challenger have no idea that an RT is any different from an SRT. I'll bet 25 percent don't know it's a Dodge and a good number would guess that it was a Charger. Within our little forum all this matters, but in the real world, a whole lotta people really don't know the difference and probably wouldn't care anyway.

Unrelated, but to prove a point: Years ago, many of my students thought the Hayubasa was the fastest thing on two wheels. None of them knew that Kawasaki had permanently dethroned the old boy back in 2012 with the advent of the mighty ZX14.

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