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Originally Posted by McCloud View Post
Our free country isn't so free any longer. They impose laws to project or as stated in another post to enforce the politicians agenda's. The price of freedom is tolerating certain things. Laws shouldn't come into play unless some could be physically/emotionally hurt by someone else. I don't think loud exhaust and tinted windows is going to hurt anyone. They pick on tint because it doesn't allow cops to see into your car, which I think kind of infringes on the privacy rights. Regarding establishing laws to protect, some are to protect people from themselves, and it's typically for reckless people. And lets face it, that relates back to the survival of the fittest. Dumb enough to take risks then you pay the consequences. Freedom isn't always safe, doesn't mean it should be removed.

I wonder if the people in these states can start protesting things laws to get them removed?
Actually it is getting more free in my area. The cops stop chasing you for speeding and just send you a ticket with a picture of your plate. No more "fleeing and Alluding" charges for me and no more points going on my license since the ticket goes to the car owner and not the driver, there are no points. Makes me feel like I can drive however fast I want, I just "pay a fee" to do it.
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