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Originally Posted by Newoldchallenger View Post
E85 definitely has its place.
It does make more power than the average 91-93 octane tunes and does so NA, nitrous or forced induction (not that race fuel would not do the same). It is definitely cheaper than most (if not all) race fuels out there, price per gallon.
Mileage will decrease due to the added fueling requirements needed to make it run.
It can effect certain lines more than standard gasoline which is why most cars need to be made e85 compliant in some respects.

This new device definitely does set a precedent though as one of the major drawbacks to e85 has always been the lack of consistency when getting it at the pump and having to test it at various locations to ensure quality.

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Thanks for the info. I run 93 in my 5.7l with a scat pack 1 PCM, it does just fine. On a side note I ran 2 consecutive tank fulls of Torco 108, just to see, I think my car picked up 0.002 but I do not know if that was from the 108 octane or the weight reduction on my wallet.
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