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Originally Posted by Finface View Post
Drag City,

Dropping the under body panels and removing those screws that would allow getting to the topside nuts - then removing all the rubber plugs wouldn't be necessary (although would allow more light in there). I think this protector will be worth having. As I mentioned just having the metal knobs installed would also be a viable option.


Did you think to paint the fasteners before or after installation? Your splitter protector looks perfect. I might dab some black paint on my fasteners after seeing your work. Best, Finface

Really like the metal cones as well Finface, I really feel protected after the install. Researched the the product and viewed the install clip prior to ordering the kit and was somewhat disappointed when the bolts in the hardware package were not as in the clip. Contacted ZL1 and was told that the black bolts were used on the prototype but placed the cad bolts in the kit. Since I had the front pan off to drain the oil cooler, decided to do the install, but will be ordering some black anodized hex bolts to replace them in the future...

Originally Posted by Prostreetamx View Post
I saved the one that came on my widebody and I'm thinking of just painting it black and putting it back on. I also have some glossy black vinyl wrap I might use but the spoiler is a mat finish so I will probably paint it mat black. I did notice the factory one has raised letters on both sides saying " to be removed by dealer", that will have to be sanded off first. It does trap some dirt so I might also drill some holes to let it drain.

Had the same plan but as I stated earlier, mine had been removed and came without the front yellow protector. Found your post quite informing regarding the wording on that protector. I kept hitting the dealer up on getting the one that came with the car and got nothing but the usual runaround. Finally was told that the transport driver had removed them when he had unloaded the car. What a bunch of clowns....

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