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Cuda340 06-23-2016 03:04 PM

2019 Challenger & 'Cuda
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The August 2016 issue of Automobile ran an article entitled, "Future Cars."

The article contains photos of the new 2019 Challenger and a 'Cuda convertible! See below.

The new lighter models will share a rear-wheel drive platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and will continue to offer a V6 and Hemi engines (including a 750 hp Hellcat). According to the article, "the plan is for Dodge to be the all-American, value-priced alternative to Alfa Romeo, which is targeting BMW. The cautionary note is that since "FCA has delayed the launch of the Alfa Giulia, the Challenger may be delayed as well. Also, looming are the 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. With Jeep and RAM accounting for 62% of FCA's U.S. sales, Marchionne might have some hard product decisions ahead."

The power-to-weight of these lighter cars should be a big performance advantage.

If these are how the 2019s will look, are you happy?

Blueboar 06-23-2016 03:24 PM

I don't care for the lowered roofline, looks like a Camaro on the top half...:notallthere:

Cjr 06-23-2016 03:30 PM

Looks sweet. Probably not a final design but I like the look.

JJBBQ 06-23-2016 04:41 PM

It's hard to tell since these are photos of photos printed on paper but they look like digital renders that were pieced together from photos of current and previous model year cars to me.

The Challenger looks particularly off proportionally to me. And the Cuda with the older Alcoa wheels with what looks like the Ram logo on the center cap. The wheels are also in the exact same position, exact same shadows, covering the exact same portion of the brake calipers.

I could be wrong but I'd bet these aren't actual photos myself.

UltimateChallenger 06-23-2016 05:02 PM

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Uh, no....

rajunz 06-23-2016 05:22 PM

If they look like those renderings, I'd buy either one of those. I think they look great.

ElPasoBob 06-23-2016 05:25 PM

You mean to tell me I'll still be peeling off those friggin shaker stripes in 2019 ????

USponycar 06-23-2016 05:27 PM

Put me down for the 'Cuda vert. It's not bad as is, but I guaranty it will be a lot closer to the originals when all's said and done. It will come with girls on the hood too!

randycat99 06-23-2016 05:45 PM

Needs to be even smaller and lose another 400 lbs! :p

bwbike 06-23-2016 06:44 PM

I'm not a fan of either of those renderings. I'd rather keep my Scat Pack.

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