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Arrow Profile of Challenger buyers?

Deep inside I really don't care about what other people think, but lets be honest, every single car (luxury, sports, truck, exotic, etc) sends a message, correct?

Regardless of price and trim level, what kind of person looks for a car like the Challenger, what is the perceived stereotype -- nationwide -- of the muscle car buyer today? Are these buyers perceived as quintessential Americans from all walks of life, or perhaps "less sophisticated" or maybe folks going through "mid-life crisis"? Age group? For example, everyone tells me Corvettes are "old-man cars". And bingo, I started paying attention and every time I see a corvette there's a Santa driving it. Who drives a Challenger?....
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The challenger doesn't fit into stereo types ,it takes men women old young rich poor ive seen all kinds driving these cars.
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Interesting question. I am a 20 year old college student, My daily car used to be a F10 M5 I still have it but I don't drive it anymore now that I have my scat pack. I bought it because it has the tech, the power and the looks. I got more compliments in this car in these 2 months than I had with my m5 in 2 years. the m5 is more than twice the price. End of story for me it is a issue of Bang for the Buck!

15' Challenger Scat Pack MT
13' BMW M5 F10
05 Ford P71
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Originally Posted by tven99 View Post
Interesting question. I am a 20 year old college student, My daily car used to be a F10 M5 I still have it but I don't drive it anymore now that I have my scat pack. I bought it because it has the tech, the power and the looks. I got more compliments in this car in these 2 months than I had with my m5 in 2 years. the m5 is more than twice the price. End of story for me it is a issue of Bang for the Buck!

That's a coincidence, I'm 55 but I sold my 2010 E60 M5 for the 392 SRT for many of the same reasons you state. I loved the look of the E60 but the power, tech and that awesome exhaust sound are traits that make this car a winner. I miss the different sound of that V-10 but honestly the SRT seems like more of a drivers car. Dodge has really stepped up on the interior in the 15 models as well.

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Bought mine because I like resto-mod cars and the Challenger comes closest in modern garb. I'm old enough to still think I'm 24 until I actually need to get something done.

2015 SRT 392
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My profile and I am damn proud of it!

When I first started to read this thread I have to admit, I was like, “Ah brother.. Here we go again with some jargon that’s probably going to start up a heat debate.” But as I read on I began to think this is a really well played question. It made me look into myself as I too don’t give a squirt about what other people are driving and why. But the OP is right, I do see a heaping helping of older men whizzing around in a Vette some years before they retire and head down to Miami or some place. That’s already two stereotypes I’ve mentioned.. An older man in Vette and retiree living out his last days in Miami. I am on the fence still if these guys believe a Vette makes him feel or be perceived as a distinguished gentleman. Or, maybe it’s just a last attempt to be flashy and make a statement to the younger ladies that he is still a player, like the Dos Equis guy with the ladies hanging on his arm that persistently suggests that his friends (most of which he doesn’t know) should always stay thirsty. It can’t be commercials like that that drives older men to blow some of his nest egg on a two seated bowtie. I think this trend has been going on long before I said my first word.

I am not middle aged just yet, I’m a non-smoker 43 year old deep thinker. I come from an extensive multi-cultural back ground that spans the entire globe from SE Asia to India to Europe to South America and to the Caribbean. Despite that I am a stone cold American born on Manhattan Island during the late winter of 1972 just a few miles from what's now Ground Zero. I’m patriotic to my country and I’ve (for the most part) chosen American muscle as the car for me (whatever it may be). Only once did I own a Toyota pick-up in my early 20’s. To explain, my first car was a 1986 IROC-Z at age 18. I learned early on while running around the streets of Houston, TX that American made rear wheel drive with ample horses was the ticket. I just wished it were a manual shift. After that, at age 22 I got it in my young and dumb head that I out grew the need for speed because I am maturing and I must act as such. In 1994 I purchased my first new car. I drove that 5 speed Toyota and feeling bad about it each day until it was totaled by an 18 wheeler on the freeway in 1998. That was my opportune moment to get back into the American made game. I turned to Mopar and never looked back. My first Mopar wasn’t muscle per say. A simple jacked up and new 1997 RAM 1500 4X4 with a little 318 was a start for me. From that I went with a new 2004 SRT-10 6M, a new 2007 300C SRT-8 and now ONYX, a new 392 SRT 6M (I don’t feel comfortable purchasing used cars). I’m where I feel I am supposed to be…. American muscle pulled by many horses and a 6M to boot.

For me it’s not old age nor is it a mid-life crisis. I’m by no means sophisticated. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy that hates the taste of caviar, escargo and pate’. Gimmie a medium rare rib-eye steak and potatoes with a Sprite and I’m good. I’m a family man considered to be in the upper-middle working class bracket. I love GOD and my country (and in that order). I’m an ex-cop currently working as an international field engineer for the oil industry. I love my American muscle so much that even my wife will soon order a 2016 392 SPS to replace her Nissan Armada. I will always continue to acquire high powered American muscle even if it means getting into a restored classic. But I damn sure won’t be caught dead as Santa in a Vette. IMO that look is played out like ATARI…

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I'm a 47 year old professional. Married but no kids. Great job that I had to bust my ass for (I have the crack to prove it). My Scat was actually my wife's car that I inherited when she started feeling that she couldn't be responsible behind the wheel. I'm more of a Charger guy and would have preferred one in a Scat Pack over the Challenger but I still enjoy the car for the raucous nasty fun that it is. Definitely not a mid life crisis: I consider it more of an unexpected surprise than anything else.

I see all types in Challengers and Chargers. I think the appeal that Dodge has created is much less of a niche market than what the Mustang and Camaro cater to. Of the three, it has the most going for it in terms of heritage looks. The prices are affordable enough that people from various age ranges and income levels are able to buy or lease one. I can't say that for Corvettes which is perhaps why they are considered "old man" cars. Looking at the German offerings, they're brilliantly executed but lack the ability to make you giggle like a 4 year old when you stomp the gas. At the end of the day if you're enjoying your car and it's generating some sense of happiness for you then it's doing what it was intended to do. Regardless of our ages I think all of us would agree that we buy cars based on how we feel when we drive them.

Just my .02

2016 Charger R/T Scat Pack Ivory Tricoat Pearl A8
2014 Charger R/T Blacktop Bright White A5

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In 42 with a good career and a graduate degree. My dad was always into cars when I was growing up, especially Turbo Buicks. I've owned several fast cars including a GN, Buick Skylark with a big block, and a 2012 Mustang. The Scat Pack is the best one of the bunch. It's basically
a restmod muscle car for 1/3 the cost
that you can get in and drive across the country if you want. I'm at the point I enjoy driving them more than working on them. I think this period will go down as a second muscle car era and will come to an end in the near future.

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I hate to break it to some of you but if you're in your 40's you are middle aged.
Mentally you may not feel it, but factually it's another matter. For some it may depend on your kids ages since young kids make some older people feel younger.

As I have grown older, I've learned that pleasing everyone is
impossible- but pissing everyone off, is a piece of cake.

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40's are the new 20's
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