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chally426 08-20-2010 01:48 PM

White Interior is complete..Finally...
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Well, its done, I have transformed my interior to a true white interior. Trust me when I say it looks better in person. It was alot of work, but well worth it.

I'll post more later....

chally426 08-20-2010 01:54 PM

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Weell, A few more

Car Charger 08-20-2010 01:55 PM

Wow! :smokin: I love how that brings out the black!

GTOBobby 08-20-2010 01:55 PM

That looks great. But one question for you, do you have a clean room you enter first before getting in the car? :)
I was thinking about it with my B5, but with 2 kids forget about it.

WyGoSlw 08-20-2010 01:56 PM

Impressive.. :thumbsup:

wickedmpulse 08-20-2010 01:58 PM

Wow, I love it. No cheese, all class..... just beautiful, nice job!

JonW 08-20-2010 01:59 PM

Wow, that is very impressive. Sure makes the pistol grip shifter stand out.

Thingsabove 08-20-2010 02:12 PM

Beautiful job... that perforated headliner reminds me of the headliner in a '60s Beetle. I had to replace the top and headliner in my 1969 convertible bug and that picture brings back memories.

SF18C 08-20-2010 02:20 PM

Matches the gutter on your house. :)

How long did that project take...I don't think I even want to know the cost!

DETOUR 08-20-2010 02:27 PM

Looks freaking AWESOME.........:thumbsup:

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