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Conversation Between Hal H and RNashCPA
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  1. Hal H
    10-28-2016 02:19 PM - permalink
    Hal H
    Yes there is a Challenger GT trim coming out - V6 only (essentially an SXT Plus w/ AWD) but not the wide-body bodywork.
    -Chargers have been offered with AWD for a while and only V6 in recent years.

    The Challenger ADR is supposed to be the wide-body model and rumored to top the Hellcat in the lineup - no firm date on that yet.

    Don't know about the issue with posting a new thread - the administrator would be the one to point that to for technical issues.
    -I've had a few with the website, and it looks like they finally addressed those.
  2. RNashCPA
    10-28-2016 01:23 PM - permalink
    Hal, I was trying to post a new thread in Challenger News and it wouldn't let me, not sure why? Here's what I wanted to start a thread about. A friend just sent me a pick of a front of a Challenger that had a "GT" badge in the place where the "SRT" or "R/T" badge would normally be on the front greille, he also said it had "AWD". Said it was a "leak from the printer" so have you heard anything about this? Thanks, Rick
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