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  • pigman440 ·
    14 R/T if I can just get them off I don't think I care much about the AHR part. I just tried the driver side with the big button and it let me slide it down and adjust it but wouldn't come out. Do I have to push two at the same time on same one or both sides at once??
    14 R/T ·
    Thanks, I was pretty sure that the shipping price was unrealistic.
    I heard that someone on this site got a hood after only a few weeks,so I was hoping that things had caught up.
    Thanks for the quick response
    stevewhite ·
    sorry, probably no size in the system, since a new part, shipping to a residence is more like 259.00 to a business, 199 and the hood is on galactic back order, will be next year before available
    we do have the srt hoods in stock
    thanks for shopping with us
    luke v
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