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  • fatdog41 ·
    Hello, I noticed a post you had in 2009:

    'i just started getting a vibration as well, but mine is in the range from 62-78 mph. and only happens when in 6th gear. if i take it out of gear, or put it in another gear the vibration is gone. ive tried the same rpms in each gear, and it never shows up. only when in 6th and under steady pedal. anybody have any ideas?'

    I am having the EXACT same issue with my 2009 r/t 6 speed. Only in sixth. It is at the dealership now. At first they thought it was the exhaust, now they ordered a new driveshaft thinking that is the problem. Did you ever figure out your problem?
    twoofakind ·
    Hey there!

    How's it going? Just read a post about '09 Service Man' seem to be the go to guy for a 2009 copy. How can I get a copy from you?

    Thanks for any help...Dave
    g00dy ·
    I cant help you now as I am in Japan. I have been here since the earthquake and hope to get to go home in mid april.
    SnakeEyez1977 ·
    If you can give me any information regarding this technical manual I would be grateful. My recirculation no longer works and I am wondering where the actuator door is located.
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