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  • Rob446 ·
    For several months I have not been receiving email notification when there is an update to a thread I have subscribed to nor do I get email notification when I have a PM. Don't know if this is a site issue our an issue on my end. Any help / advice would be appreciated.

    BlackHemi41 ·
    Hi there Bill, I was wondering about the possibility of there being a more road course/autocross subsection in track talk. Not sure how to go about requesting that in another forum section, as I don't believe that would count as a Challengertalk website problem. But I'm pretty sure steve white parts and several other forum members would be on board with this as well. Drag racing is cool but definitely 2 different kinds of enthusiasts. Thanks and have a great weekend!
    jgraham70 ·
    Same here Bill, thanks again for trying to help.
    I see there are lots of little issues with the Challengers. Its always been my favorite car and finally was able to get 08 SRT last month. A few things I've noticed i need to get fixed so far ......
    *Loud clunking noise when you hit a bump on the front end

    *Sunroof & Kicker box not working (going to get new fuse now)
    *Smart windows

    Do you know of any others i need to watch for?

    stevewhite ·
    thank you, I feel very bless even after the summer we just had.....and we have two beautiful awesome daughters, one building a new house, she's my service manager at the dealership, the youngest bought a house two years ago,and is the operating manager in a small firm in Charlotte, both do very well and are our pride and joy
    thank you again
    stevewhite ·
    Thank you so much, truly mean something to me that people care what we achieve...Unfortunately I'm declining the invitation this morning.....breaking my heart that I won my way in for the second year in a row and cannot participate.....
    Its amazing how much coverage the Ford and Chevy guys get and the 3 or 4 of us that are seriously competing and achieving some success are being completely ignored by the Mopar magazines and Mopar media.....Austin Barnes in his Viper, Douglas Winds with his Neon and myself with Bigred.....

    Very few people know and please do not share, my wife of 34 years is struggling with a illness and it is simply not possible for me to get away for this commitment, we plan on regrouping this winter and hope to loose at least 300 lbs from Bigred and repower her with at least 850+ whps....maybe closer to 900 whps
    thank you
    MEKrunner ·
    Happy Birthday friend and high exultant moderator here!

    I have been here since 2010, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I scrolled down to the bottom of the main page to see who was having a Birthday.

    I'm a little SLOW, wouldn't you say??

    Donnaray ·
    Thanks for the tip on the bumper plugs. I dont get on the site much, and dont even know how i loaded my first challenger picture 6 years ago. Since then i had 6 different ones. Liked them all but like the 2012 best. Once again THANKS
    Miguel Molina ·
    Thanks for that, i think i am going to go with the powdercoated tips! While I got you, do you notice any stiffer riding with the Eibach lowering springs? my 7 y/o daughter rides in the back at times, and I want to make sure the ride is still good!
    Miguel Molina ·
    thanks. i really love the look of your car. and have looked at it ad nauseum prior to talking to you lol. i was just curious if that was a decision on your part to keep them polished. im torn! Thanks
    Miguel Molina ·
    Hey I think i am going to pull the trigger on the solo performance. Steve said they powder coat their tips for an extra 30 bucks, but may take longer to ship. Just wanted to get your take on you keeping your tips polished instead of powder coated. I have a murdered out sxt as well. Thanks
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