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  • PSM450 ·
    Thanks! I should come here more often and look at notifications. I see you are in the bay area, have you checked out Golden State Mopars or some of the other local clubs? There are a lot of very nice Challenger and Mopar owners here
    BamBam87 ·
    Hi Guy. May I ask you about your Solo cat backs? Do you like them? The video made it sound pretty awesome. Do you have any drone noise in the cabin? I'm sorta new to this....
    Litdog ·
    No, the admins didn't say anything. I did change it as a result of that guys post biggie. Below is a copy of my pm to him.

    I noticed AZpueblo changed his to a smaller one.

    I don't see a problem with the size of yours. BTW, I've always wanted to tell you I get a kick out of your Avatar.


    Originally Posted by Litdog
    Modified sig size. Hope it's a little less obnoxious now.


    Lol you are awesome; thank you so much
    KirkS ·
    Hey Bill,

    I purchased the grill from Fedar.

    Installing the grill wasn't too bad. You have to completely remove the front end. You have to get under the car to remove the cover two engine covers. Next, remove the front plastic rivets holding the wheel well cover by drilling out the center of the rivets (you'll need new ones). Then you pull back the front of the cover so you can reach a nut that holds the front end to the fender. You'll need a deep socket (if I remember correctly it's a 10mm), long extension (about 24 inches), and a swivel to accomplish this. The rest of the nuts and push pins are easy to remove. Once the front end is off, the headlight half rings are removed. Put the grill in place and line it up and mark where the mounting holes are to be drilled. Drill the holes and bolt on the grill.

    pinefd ·
    Hah! I appreciate the advice. I think I had pretty much ruled out that idea anyway, but still may consider trying the red pinstripe on the wheels at some point (easily removable).

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