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  • Galvatron ·
    Hey Andy, from what we've seen, you do not have to remove the entire fascia to install the chin spoiler. Some of the hardware is tough to reach with it on, but the fascia doesn't have to come off. Hope this helps!

    ALorenz ·
    I went right for the muffler and reso delete. Sounds good at idle, deeper maybe, but not crazy. I love the rumble at cuising speed now.
    XIC ·
    I listened to your youtube of the exhaust upgrade. Sounded great (from what my computer can reproduce)! Did you, by any chance, try just deleting the resonators before changing the mufflers? I deleted the resonators today and it sounds great at hard throttle, but still quiet at idle. I would like to "liven" it up at idle a little without getting too raspy.
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