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  • clinton92000 ·
    Hello again B5Classic Could you Do a background that says "Clint's Charger Hellcat" in red and black if you have a Hellcat Emblem in there that would be cool. Thanks again
    mac077 ·
    Ok, stupid question...just got our SRT8 so what the heck is a "background" also you have the B5 in your name and does that stand for the B5 color? If so do you have the history on that color from the 2009 to 2010 model Challenger SRT8?? Thanks
    no1marine ·
    B5 Thank you for doing the backgrounds. If you could i would like the exact green background with Mike instead of Dom and the SRT8 and 392 Hemi. Let me know if there is any charge. Thanks no1marine
    WhiteShark ·
    say B5, I just came across your thread. I'm sure your a busy guy these days if your still doing these background for us. But if your are indeed still doing this i would love one.
    Looking for one with a white background and the words:
    White Shark
    HEMI. Thank you in advance
    dakodiak ·

    How about one in a blue color that says
    SRT 8
    also then how do I install it on mine thanks for the help
    JS23R0B ·

    I saw your post on the custom radio backgrounds. I was really impressed with what you did. Could you make one up for me and a friend? I need one for my '09 SRT8 with a Tor Red Background , Neal's SRT8 is what I would like on it. My friend has a Plum Crazy '10 SRT8, I would like Steve's SRT8 on his. I have one more question how do you install it on the radio and how do you download it to do it? Thanks for giving back to the Challenger community. You do great work.

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