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  • Dks236 ·
    I consider my 6.4 liter scat pack shaker an SRT. All things..transmission..engine and performance pages are SRT. Dodge doesn't like that it's under 50k so they badged it an RT. BS.
    nards444 ·
    you sold your stock SP wheels right? Curious what was the weight on those? do you know the weight of them by themselves. Trying to do shipping online as it cheaper than going to the store front and need a good weight.
    Lance7891 ·
    Originally Posted by HEMIZSP
    I don't even think valvoline is in the top ten. Love to see what tests you're referring to as long as it was done independently.
    Post it. Lets see it.

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    Originally Posted by Lance7891
    Id like to see your data on why it isn't if its the same API grade.

    If you guys would like the test, send me an e-mail. I have it as a PDF.

    I think Valvoline is a good Synthetic along with some others. Please do forward the info. My email is: [email protected]

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