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  1. Satan is my motor...

    General Challenger Discussion
    Was doing some searching and found this website - Seems like it might helpThe best driving guide on the web -
  2. Satan is my motor...

    General Challenger Discussion
    Just looking to get better at being able to come into and out of corners, controlled braking, steering correction, etc - all with a front engine, rear-wheel drive car. I'm stuck at what to do next.
  3. Satan is my motor...

    General Challenger Discussion
    Just like anyone who likes performance cars; I like to push them to their driving limits, I'd consider it a passion of mine. I've always drove low horsepower cars such as Civics, Camrys, etc. but I still pushed them to their limits. Well now that I've got my hands on a car that is closer matched...
  4. I'm not giving in to bullies

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    bigger? Those Challengers are pretty wide but it looks small in this picture next to the Teslas - are the Teslas wider than a Challenger?
  5. Your daily dose of cringe "T/A"

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    I guess, but... I get what you're saying - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but if my car came back from a shop with these "mods", I'd be upset for sure. But yeah, if the owner loves how it looks, then there's nothing that can be said.
  6. Best Compliments/Reactions to your Challenger

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    LOL! LMAO!!! Yeah, my neighbor keeps stopping me in the road to ask me questions, I think he's wanting me to take him for a ride, lol. I see that you're in Modesto - I grew up in Modesto, CA!
  7. Track racing voids warranty?

    Track Talk
    I live near the Portland International Raceway and some guy told me that taking your car to the track will void the warranty. While I was closing out my recent issue with DodgeCares, I asked her if this was true. She put me on a brief hold and spoke with another department there and stated that...
  8. Best Compliments/Reactions to your Challenger

    General Challenger Discussion
    Just wondering what you guys/gals have gotten in the way of compliments on your Challenger? I've had my 2017 R/T for a few months now and so far its women saying how awesome it looks and how fun it would be to drive, and guys saying how cool it looks and how good it sounds. Some guy at the...
  9. Dodge Challenger Nightmare :(

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I've had that happen once on my car where I parked the car, turned it off, opened the door and the radio was still playing. Luckily I was able to get it to turn off by starting it manually, and off again and that seemed to work. Sorry to hear about your car having issues, finally got mine...
  10. Powder coat stock rims?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Anyone look into just stripping and powder coating the stock rims? Figured this would be a cheaper option maybe instead of paying for new rims. I don't like that enamel-like coating on my rims - seems like it keeps getting chips taken out of it - anyone else experiencing this? Figured I'd get...
  11. Factory Five Kit Cars

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    DAMN! With that much money involved I could get a good restomod with a new crate engine!
  12. Factory Five Kit Cars

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    That's what I figured, and thanks for all the info! I didn't know it would take two years on top of the 10 years it would take for me to save up as well. Maybe I'll save up the money and put it towards a bad ass "bucket list" car. I thought that since FactoryFive had that 3-day build school...
  13. Factory Five Kit Cars

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    Just wondering what you guys thought about these kit cars by Factory Five - not sure if there's unforeseen things that I'm not aware of or if they're just not worth it. Looks like I'll have to drop $20k for the kit and another $15-20k for the engine, rear end, transmission and paint? Not...
  14. What is wrong with this picture

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    That's supposed to be a Superbird, right?
  15. Traded 2015 Scat Pack for 2018 R/T...First Impressions

    General Challenger Discussion
    Yeah, Destroyer Gray is what turned me on - just feel like it stands out but not asking for attention like the bright green ones - plus the gray adds to the aggressive look, almost like a shark. I was almost wanting it in a matte gray - almost like an old challenger with just primer gray haha