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  • cdahl383 ·
    Sorry to hear about your mom and wife. Glad your wife is okay. Life can change in an instant. Things are really just hanging by a thread. We take a lot of things for granted many times. I miss my mom a lot but I know she was happy in life and was content with everything before she passed. Each day seems to get a little better.
    mackfamily ·
    Very sorry to hear Carol. I lost my mom 11 years ago. She was young and had a addiction problem. In the past 5 years I almost lost my wife a few times. Life is crazy. Stay and think positive as much as you can and hug the family often. Take care my friend.
    cdahl383 ·
    I'd stick with MS109. Q16 is leaded I believe, bad for cats and O2 sensors. Not much new on the car. Bought some catless mid pipes last fall, need to put them on soon, might pick up a little power there maybe.

    I may go to Ubly at some point this year. We moved last month and I'm much closer to Milan now, so I'll probably just run there most of the time now.

    Things haven't been going so good for me. My Mom passed away a couple weeks ago out of nowhere. Very sudden, just gone, had a heart attack. Only 67 years old. Really haven't been myself lately since then. Sort of feel numb, don't care much about anything, even racing. I went to the track on opening day and made a few passes, but it wasn't as much fun as usual. I'm sure over time things will get better. I started a new job in October at FCA, moved to a new house a few weeks ago, and lost my Mom. A lot of stuff to process in only 6 months. I think getting back to the track will be good for me though.
    mackfamily ·
    looking at ms109 or the q16 vp fuel. Do you know anything on the q16. How is it going with you? Whats new on the car? Bought some front skinnies looking for some cold air and some better fuel. You plan on coming to ubly this year? If you do 989-551-8990 is my number give me a call or text to let me know if you would. Have a good day.
    mackfamily ·
    Hey Carol I have 2-3 gallons of mr12 left. It is oxygenated fuel is this ok to throw in my car you think? I grabed some skinnies for up front and may try to hit ubly this weekend...
    wilyumz1 ·
    Hello Carl, Im ron been watching some of your posts and learning!! I believe you have a jay greene cam? Im about to order one of his custom grinds (226/232) with locker pushrods and one of his tunes to go with it, I have a couple questions for you, what cam are you running, and if you have changed it to a JGR which one did you go with , and did you go with the high lift of No springs required?

    Ive got a 15 scat pack MT running fastman 84MM TB CAI, reo delet mids replaced with bullets, urethatne bushings, adjsutabel control arms, BC racing coil overs and DSS aluminum DS

    Just looking for real life experience to decide if i want to change springs or not
    mackfamily ·
    I will put a graph and video up later. Stock hp was 448.93 and tq was 448.92 so same for max points.

    I know have 633.47 hp and 559.24 tq at the wheels. Ths is with stock procharger settings. it says 7.9 on my chart of boost but he is going to send me another chart and he said it is below 7psi just a tad. I also have a boost gage so I can see wheni I drive it plus a fuel gage and oil pressure gage. Hopefully ubly drag way is open next Saturday and dry so I can go see what this thing does lol. Just keeping you informed is all lol. have a GOOD ONE.
    spoolboy ·
    Is the price on TeamBeefcake now about what you paid for your Racestars?

    They're showing $247 for front and $275 for rear polished.

    Or was the discount more? Gotta make my speed-parts budget! lol I can wait for a sale if that's higher.
    cdahl383 ·
    11.9 on the stock tune is very good. And a 1.70 60ft is excellent as well!

    The PCM/tune will definitely help you out. You should see a .2-.25 ET drop and pick up 2mph or so trap speed. It should put you into the high 11's on a consistent basis now. You may see 11.6-11.7 in really good air with a good launch.

    I run the VP MS109 fuel that is oxygenated. It definitely helps even on the stock tune. I also pull my air filter at the track as that seems to help too. Also air up your front tires to 45psi to reduce rolling resistance. I run a set of Racestars now with front skinnies which dropped 80lbs off the car, probably good for another tenth there.

    These cars should be capable of running 11.5 N/A with just minor bolt ons and a tune in the right conditions IMO. Good luck, hope you drop your ET a little lower with that tune! Let me know how it goes! You should post up a thread about your Procharger install when you do that as well, would be a cool read!
    mackfamily ·
    I'm doing ok I think. the car totally stock but I did have tazer race fuel and slicks I ran 11.93 with a 1.70 at 114.9 mph. I have my new ecu from hemifever and need to put in and run his tune. I am not doing the hellcat air box as I am planning on putting my procharger on this winter. other than a tune and the missing air box and I think you run oxygenated fuel what else do you have for a bolt on or trick you running lol. Do I really need a catch can? Thanks for always replying and great et and car looks great.
    cdahl383 ·
    Doing good so far. My best this year has been 11.62 @ 117.24mph w/ 1.61 60ft time. Hoping to hit 11.50's later this year in cooler air in the fall.

    Not running a 180 thermostat, still using the stock one. Not sure if I want to swap it out or not. It might help a little on hotter days in the summer. This car doesn't seem to heatsoak as badly as my old 2010 R/T did. The 180 definitely helped reduce power loss on that car.

    Hoping to make it to the track again in early June before it gets too hot, we'll see.

    What's new with your car? You said you ran at Ubly right? Is that 1/8 or 1/4 track?
    mackfamily ·
    Hows the car working out for you? What thermostat you running? I put in a 180 and it runs 186-188 down the road. Just seeing what you were doing? Thanks
    cdahl383 ·
    Haha it's ok!

    I'm hoping to get back to the track this Sunday. All this rain is supposed to be out of here on Saturday some point, so hoping to get there to take advantage of the cooler weather. Supposed to be a high of 56 and sunny.
    cdahl383 ·
    I'm still running the stock thermostat and no fan mod yet. I'll probably get the thermostat later this spring since summer is coming up. There is a thread on the LX forums called 50 cent fan mod or 25 cent fan mod or something like that, it's a way to jump a fuse and keep the fans on all the time. Might want to check into that.
    mackfamily ·
    What are you doing if anything too keep cooller temps? I am going to get a 180 thermostate. I know about the tazer fans its ok. Any way t oget them to turn on all the time? Thanks
    cdahl383 ·
    Ended up running 11.76 @ 115mph w/ 1.66 60ft time last weekend in 82 degree weather, really happy with that! Going back to the track tomorrow to make a few more passes in the cooler weather. Only supposed to get up to 65 tomorrow for the high, should go a little quicker. Hoping I can hit 11.60's we'll see.
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