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  • Chally2010 ·
    Wow your Challengerless...keep looking at the photos until the new one arrives. What will be under the hood of your next series of Challenger Photos? Congrats on the new one, hope the Challenger found a good home. Like I said one of these days we will attend the same meet.
    MBPhotos ·
    Hey Bill, thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately it looks like it's still on so I won't be able to make it. Well, that and we just sold our Challenger and won't have our new one for about another week and a half (we will be going through major HEMI withdrawl's I'm sure! LOL)
    Chally2010 ·
    GregTheUPSMAN is going so you can find out more from him. Fyrdude froom NCC will be posting up the route that we will take. Greg and on another, I think are going up on Friday and we will meet them and run the cruise together. Mike led it last year but that was a fall run, this will be absolutely beautiful with the waterfalls in early spring. You can go to and add your name to the list under events if you'd like.
    Hitman_ ·
    I think I recall reading about something like that where some SCC members teamed up with NCC. Similar to the Cambria trip we did last year. Any stats yet on planned route and meeting place? Will keep a lookout for it on the boards if it comes up. Been meaning to go to Yosemite some time.
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