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  1. WOW Peddle Commander Installed

    General Challenger Discussion
    Installed peddle Commander on my 2016 Ram with 6.4 hemi and have to agree with OP different truck now.PISS on the na-sayers
  2. Ceramic Coating question

    Detailing / Car Care
    Went with cermic pro lifetime.They did my stripes.No issues been on about 10 months.
  3. Are Radar Detectors a ticket magnet? Should I keep or return it?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Good luck my uniden R3 is TOTAL JUNK.Speaker lasted a whole 4 weeks sent it back to uniden 5 week turn around time.Now the led lights are fading out.Back to my valentine 1..
  4. Driving choices summer/winter

    General Challenger Discussion
    Now thats a tough winter:smile:
  5. Driving choices summer/winter

    General Challenger Discussion
    When the winter weather gets a little rougher we drag out the big gun.2016 Ram 2500 4X4..
  6. Driving choices summer/winter

    General Challenger Discussion
    When your a old bastard in michigan here are your driving choices summer and winter.The 2018 ford taurus AWD is the winter choice of course the 2018 SRT challenger is the summer choice.:grin2:
  7. Radar detector or Waze App?

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Have 2 valetines bought a uniden 3 like the uniden better.Filters out more junk signals than the V1
  8. Best parking in St Louis Missouri?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Rent a car leave the challenger at home.
  9. Tire Shine

    Detailing / Car Care
    Keep up the good work.You will far here.:deadhorse::deadhorse: Here is that horse you were looking for.
  10. Tire Shine

    Detailing / Car Care
    Ya great idea.:info-smilie:
  11. New Challenger Scat Pack Owner!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Nice,love the B-5 blue.Went with the other blue when we purchased.
  12. 2019 Ordering; 2020 Launch; 2020 Refresh?

    General Challenger Discussion
    And you KNOW this HOW??:soapbox:
  13. I just brought home my first Challenger!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Very nice,enjoy..:grin2:
  14. Brampton Shutdown for 2 Weeks

    General Challenger Discussion
    You seem pissed off most of the time,maybe you should have bought a ford?:domotwak:
  15. My new RT 392 shaker

    General Challenger Discussion
    Very Nice..