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  1. **NWS** Post Pics Of Hot Girls And Challengers!!

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    Couple classy Mopar babes from the 2014 show ciurcut.
  2. Mopars - Hot August Nights - Reno - 2019

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    My annual trip to the GSR to check out the cars. Some of the Mopars on display.
  3. Happy 4th of July

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    Red, white and blue :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  4. R.I.P. Lee Iacocca

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    Great business man. He got my attention back in the day. His personality in the TV commercials sold a lot of product and saved Chrysler from doom. RIP
  5. Cheap Gas

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    One of my first sweeties was from Arbuckle, CA. I remember on our first date I heard her momma say, don't go to that "baby making place" (drive-in). We went to the apple orchard instead :smile:
  6. Pole Position Challenger

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    Surprised Dodge hasn't offered that color?
  7. Cheap Gas

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    Drive-ins bring back some great memories, my 57 Chevy, and couple hot lil sweet hearts make for great memories getting old. Heres couple shots I took in recent years. :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  8. Pole Position Challenger

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    My grandson is a big Lightening McQueen fan. He'd go kid wild if I pulled up in that :smile:
  9. Cheap Gas

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    1971 I remember 23.9 per gal., then to McDonalds for 25 cheeseburgers and fries. Crap, where did the time go, now I am 65 and 5 months away from retirement. Enjoy your kids growing up, life flies by really fast. :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  10. Reflections

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    Never will happen young man :-) Rural Nevada is 70, so windows down at 70 mph is perfect for the tunnage. Funny, a good day trip is 50-65 songs in my "Dawg on Road" playlist. :guiness::guiness::guiness:
  11. Reflections

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    Rear view mirror shots. :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  12. Purpose of the Cabin Air Filter

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    Well stated. You are not forced to replace it. I for one like the added protection from cleaner air. I would just hope we are employing North American workers (Canada, USA & Mexico) for the hi priced replacements.
  13. Tremec 2nd Gear Toast

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    I hear ya. At 65 having driven MT since 15, this is the only transmission that takes away any confidence you had shifting gears. never know when you will grind 2nd! My Tremec sucks and so does Dodge for allowing Tremec to get away with crappy assembly tolerance specs.
  14. **NWS** Post Pics Of Hot Girls And Challengers!!

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    Always appreciate a good photo that shows some class. Thanks for sharing that one. :cheers::cheers::cheers:
  15. CA Lawmaker Proposes Ban of Gas-Powered Cars

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    And more from the land of fruit and nuts