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  • ken kamins ·
    Hi mike, I need a tune for my 10 rt 6sp with 392 cam srt manafolds, mids, and 10 6spd srt cat back . also have a mopar cai. I currently use a 7135. How do we proceed?
    Thanks, Ken.
    Nuke ·
    I was wanting to post a question on the DiabloSport support forum, but I am unable to register a user account to allow me to login to the forum and begin posting.

    Can you provide some info on how to register a new user account for the DiabloSport user forum?

    PLEASE DISREGARD, I found the register new account page.
    runner2go ·
    Which pred version supports 68054009AD

    It seems v9r28 is not one of them ;)

    At the track maybe some has a supporting load as long as i know which one starts supporting AD
    Late 2010 car... mopar'10. 6spd
    dyankee ·
    To get the most from my DS Trinity does my 2011 R/T auto need to be on a dyno, or can I tune it without? Who is a reputable tuner I can go to? Do the u mail me, I mail u really work? Thanks. Jim
    tmeacham136 ·
    i bought a trinity and im just not seeing any difference in mpg or power can you tell me excatly what to adjust in order to get the mpg gain and power like you say it will on the website i have a 2010 R/T auto
    DiabloMike ·
    any time you flash the car it will reset the CEL.

    You can read the code with the predator, and it should come back after some driving with the stock tune.
    spaceshipon22s ·
    Is there anyway for me to download my factory tune back into my challenger R/T Auto without resetting my check engine light? Which recently came back on, i tried before but the predator reset the code and when i took it to the dealership they said the computer had no codes stored so they couldnt do anything for me and i didnt want to tell them that the predator said i had a misfire on cylinder 4! Thanks!
    tsok55 ·
    bought a new Predator u7135 for my 2009 challenger rt auto. it has vs 9r27 What is the difference between 9r27 crom and 9r28
    9r27 is not listed on Diablo site
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