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  • erix620 ·
    I have a post under Forums, Challenger Classifieds, Parts for Sale/Wanted/Trade and I notice that my title is not in bold text as most of them are in that forum. Is there a way for you or I do edit F/S Set of 4 Original 20" Wheels from 2008 Challenger SRT8: to show the text after F/S to read Set of 4 Original 20" Wheels from 2008 Challenger SRT8: in bold text?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Eric Medlock
    Flat Top ·
    I hate tax season. lol lol As I always have to pay. Good luck BTW I know its the 16th and I just got back from Mexico. Me and wife on a great vaca. Glad to be back though as I was missing my Challenger.
    Let me know how it goes. Cheers,
    RNashCPA ·

    I'm taking the Challenger to Hallett on Friday for an all day track day. Glad that tax season is over so I can start having some fun again!! Wish me luck!

    howi152 ·

    I bought a set of headers from this thread and the seller is saying he posted pics, but I did not see any pics. When I got them both have dents and the shipping box looks fine. Looks obvious that they were both dropped. Can you tell me if there were pics posted in the thread at any time? Here is the link to the thread

    Thanks for your help in advance
    Black Shaker ·
    Just so I understand it. The stroker upgrade by itself for a 2014 5.7L shaker model is a poor choice if the challenger is a daily driver and a supercharger is still the most valid way to go for largest horse increase?
    Trimec ·
    Hi, since the new site upgrade I can't open/enlarge members photo attachments, anyone else having this issue? Thank you sir
    Hal H ·

    Hopefully the weather won't put a "damper" (bad pun, I know) on the track days...

    Here's my # if you're around 503 208 2052 (no text service on that #)

    or my email hal(dot)harper(at)comcast(dot)net

    I work 8am-5pm Mon-Fri schedule, so my evenings are free after work.
    Flat Top ·
    Roger, Im going to see if I can make a splash for the PDX crew. It will be done under graces of mother mopar. When they let me go for the cruz around. I will call your number and we can meet the PDX crew and maybe do photos ect.
    Get ya PDX crew a chance to get a real close look at the cat.
    I can call ya during the event so you all have some leway and you can make the run.
    Will be a pleasure to meet all of you guys and gals. I really wish I could have come early to your event.
    I had enough time really to trailor mine or ship it out and just race and hang out for a week. Only about 800 to 900 each way. Id spend that in fuel and time.
    With this said, I damn will try and hook up PDX with a HellCat
    RWL11 ·
    Flat Top: Seriously, the Portland area Challenger owners would like to welcome you to our fine part of the USA. Our club, PDX Challengers, understand you are going to be here on a clandestine mission, so we will not try to pressure you in any way. We just want you to know we are proud of you being chosen, and if we can make your stay in the Pacific Northwest a better experience, we are here to help you out. Need to know the best place for a fine pint of beer? We have the local knowledge. Looking for a great place to try some awesome NW salmon? Let us know. Need to blast off some rounds at a great local gun range? we will take you there. Keep in touch.

    Roger W. Louton
    [email protected]
    Gunmtl54 ·
    Hey flat top one of the guys in here told me you know what cam I would need for my 2010 r/t , I'm looking to get the comp cams 270 but need to know all I need to get for it to work in my car thanks in advance for the advice
    TA340 ·
    I have a WTT thread on a Magnaflow Comp for Street series exhaust in parts for sale. 2 people commented in my thread and now both of their posts are gone. Just curious why you guys are deleting people's posts in my thread? One was from Renfrick1 and the other was from Disco
    440SRT ·
    Just a thought .......

    Would it be possible to have a maximum size requirement with regard to the size limit of photos posted on this forum. It is frustrating when I would like to view a picture within a post, but am unable to without scrolling the picture. In other words the pictures are HUGE and unviewable.

    This also causes the entire webpage to become a page that has to be scrolled from left to right to view/read.

    Also, a limit as to the picture allowed within the signature would be good. There are a handful who have large enough pictures just within their signature to cause the same havoc.

    Friendly and helpful suggestions.

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