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  • garyahouse ·
    Thanks for your prayers. Have been doing back to back jobs for everybody it seems lately. Busy time of year. Latest: lady at our church discovered her water heater is leaking. Working on that tomorrow. Also have been working on a drywall repair project at the church building. Last week I was pressure washing the lady's house across the street. Just finished building some custom shelves for mother and putting a starter in daughter Kelly's birthday. Gotta speak at the church on Wed. night, so have some prep work to do for that. Just been busy.

    silver scat ·
    Hi Gary, haven't seen you in a while and was just asking if everything was alright. Or, what's wrong. I miss you on the board.
    Hope you are alright! I will pray for you.

    Steve aka silver scat.
    silver scat ·
    Gary! I have been looking for you all day. Going over old posts.... other threads, new threads. Honestly I don't remember or does it matter. I can't believe I found your ME. I didn't have to look that far. Duh!
    Hey, aren't you in Florida? And Ma??? Am I wrong? Got any plans? Calling for rain I heard. I know it is nice now.
    Kinda worried about Ma and you. Alright AND the Challenger to a lesser extent. ( like Louanne on king of the Hill).

    Perhaps I was fishing for an update about the car. I think it was about a new mod. Who knows......who cares??!
    You do so thank you for asking. You are truly a bright spot on the board for me. You and A GUY. You know I like razzing you. Or words to that effect. All good fun. You truly do say what I would have. Thanks! Take care of all, it is going to rain.
    19johned53 ·
    Gary, when I checked that website and put in a Scat Pack or SRT Challenger, it showed that pic and price. When I put in SRT HC, the site stated that these were not available.

    So, I believe the site is showing a 2 pc rotor for 4 piston applications, but they don't offer a 2 pc replacement for the 6 piston HC units, which are also on the '15+ 392 SRT's, TA's, and SP's with the Dynamics Package.????????

    Something is misleading/incorrect on that site, as all 6 piston units use the same r r
    dips0510 ·

    I am looking to buy a used SXT 2015 and wanted some advice from you. As it is widely known that challenger is not good in turns, how bad is it? This is very important to me if I will be buying a SXT. I am not looking to go crazy on the car as this will be my daily driver.

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