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  1. Pearl Harbor 12/07/1941

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Thanks for the link to the article. Guess I stand corrected. But the article was a sobering read and I'm reminded once again of the great cost of war. For years, every time the man went to sleep, he had to relive that experience again.
  2. Which Catch Can?

    Engine Bay / Under Hood Modifications
    Thought I'd comment on these two statements. I would disagree on the first item. I don't think the velocity will change enough to matter here. However, I do agree on the second one. I've read this more than once in researching catch cans. The cooler location makes a difference. I believe you've...
  3. Pearl Harbor 12/07/1941

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Also learned one more thing about Pearl Harbor this week. I was doing some reading, and found out that the last surviving soldier on board the Arizona when it was sunk died this fall. I believe he was 98 yrs old. As of this Pearl Harbor Day, 2019, there are no Arizona survivors still living. He...
  4. Pearl Harbor 12/07/1941

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Oh, yeah, almost forgot: I would guess that very few of you know a living WW2 veteran. Even my own dad, who served from 43-45, passed away nearly 10 years ago at 85 yrs old. But I've been blessed in knowing Dad's best friend, "Doc," who lives across the street. Doc enlisted in the Navy when he...
  5. Pearl Harbor 12/07/1941

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I was in Pearl Harbor in March of this year. Finally got to see it. They told me something very sad. Every year on Dec 7, they have a special ceremony on board the Missouri that is permanently docked there on battleship row at Pearl. During this ceremony, they honor the survivors of that tragic...
  6. Rebuilding salvaged 392 Scat Pack ta

    Don't let a few harsh words skew your opinion of the value of this forum. If you enjoy the challenge of doing this sort of thing, have at it my friend. Post up some pics of your progress, we're pullin' for ya. There's a special kind of joy in doing something with your own two hands; even if you...
  7. Catch can

    General Maintenance Discussion
    +1 for UPR
  8. Cure for SRT brake dust and squeal?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Put the Powerstop Z23's on all four wheels about 6k miles ago, and haven't had an issue since. Brake dust is just about gone. No squeals, EVER. We also learned on this forum that these ceramic pads will go easier on your rotors. This is a good thing because those rotors are pricey and wear out...
  9. Sxt v6 to v8s Bummed

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    Ha, that's why you have a good wife... her advice is good medicine: take it often. You said, "either they're thinking it's a cool car..." They are indeed. that's why they look and that's at least part of why you bought it.
  10. Sxt v6 to v8s Bummed

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    JT, youdaman. I've always enjoyed performance. And for those who like to stomp on it as OAP, good for them, I have no axe to grind here. I still love to hop on my FJR1300 and shoot through the twisties, or rent a dirt bike with daughter Kathleen and fly through the air like some "young fool." (I...
  11. Time for Mopar to up their game

    General Challenger Discussion
    I was thinking about this statement. It's just as likely to be true as any other in this thread. I for one am GLAD they haven't changed the Challenger. We all assume that ANY change will be a change for the better. We talk about it all the time. But here are the facts: every time BIG changes...
  12. Sxt v6 to v8s Bummed

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    Was just thinking about something you said: that you were bummed because that V6 will never be as fast as a V8. I'm a little weird about driving, so I'll admit that first. In a way, my car accelerates like a V6 most of the time I'm in it. I simply don' t race my 392. I don't push the peddle past...
  13. Motorcycles-What's Your Bike of Choice?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Truth is, besides less than 10 big trips in 9 years, I don't do much long distance riding either. I might ride 100 or 150 miles at a time, and that's about it. But unlike cruisers or crotch rockets, I can ride comfortably for more than 40 minutes at a time. We've both ridden many other powerful...
  14. Motorcycles-What's Your Bike of Choice?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Not just another opinion; Happy to respond here. I've been talking about this motorcycle on another forum since 2010. It's the best kept secret in motorcycling in my opinion. A lot of people don't even know what they are. I own the 2005 version of this beauty, and don't think I'll ever own...
  15. UPDATE: Vehicle Information

    Community Help
    Hurray!!! It's about time. Glad to see this new update.