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  • 2RISE ·
    I had my current rockers painted the same color of the car. Once I saw that I decided not to put the rockers on. They are gray. The line with the gills are not as flush as the stock ones.
    Green Man ·
    Hey George,

    Greetings! I placed my AFR shaker hood order with Steve on 11/27/2013 for a 5.7L engine with the maggie option. He's already cashed the check and I have not heard from him since despite sending a few emails. I did however get an invoice receipt. Should I call him (and nag) or just sit tight?

    FYI, I did not want to put this message on the forum because it sort of looks bad for AFR.

    Please PM me at [email protected] because my CT mailbox is full.

    Best Regards,

    Scot Stride
    aka Green Man
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