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  • dmorrison ·
    Hey Ghost I really liked Hesser's exhaust setup and I know you helped him with it. I have messaged him to find out exactly which magnaflow muffler he purchased and I haven't heard from him. I have a V6 3.5 and was wondering if that is still the way to go or is there something better in your opinion. But I would love to go with his setup. There used to pics on here of his setup and I can only find the video now. I have spent all afternoon trying to find them with no luck. But if you could tell me which Magnalflow muffler he used that would be awesome. Thanks Daniel
    Hey dude!
    I sold my CHALLENGER about two months ago. Although her equity let me buy a 2013 truck - paid in full, I miss the shit out of my car.
    Sounds like you need to take care of yourself.
    This is the first time I have been on CT in a long time.
    hey rat - still alive after ANOTHER coma LOL this time collpased into diabetic shock - didnt KNOW I had diabetes - hey will pm you my new cell #
    hey Chally2010 - I have a BT POW/MIA niose badge to match a cust5om gas door that i made - I already had a shaker otherwise would have looked closer at the truefiber hood :)
    Chally2010 ·
    Ghost I see you are doing the entire CUDA option and that you are doing a few special parts not included. Are you going with the Shaker hood because there is a better option out there imo anyway. One of NorCal Challengers has 1 of 2 actually installed "Cuda" hood in the nation, very nice and I think more on the mark than the Shaker hood for a Cuda.
    NMRT12 ·
    GhostDance, did rebadge do your POW/MIA gas door? I've been thinking about doing the same to mine ever since I got the car (3 weeks ago), but don't know where to start. Thanks!
    hey CHALLY - nope knees fine HOWEVER - had a heart attack - spent 34 days in coma and now have pacemaker/defib running my heart :)

    Nate at rebadge is who I had do all of my custom emblems - the hood badges have been on for early two years now and NO fading problemss
    Chally2010 ·
    Hi GHOSTDANCE, I have really been having fun since I got my Challenger. I see that you mentioned rebadge regarding nose piece so I suspect you have bought something from them. What did you buy and how was the service? I am thinking of asking them bo do a special nosebadge for me, they don't have it in the product line so I was looking to see who has used them
    On another note how you been, hopefully no knee, ankle or other body part issues.
    Thanks in advance,
    Bill aka Chally2010
    ghostrt ·
    If you dont mind me asking ... when you changed the lip ... how did it look as to making it vent to air filter to make it a real cold air intake with a lil ram ... i mean into the fender well where the filter is ...
    ghostrt ·
    If you dont mind me asking .. could you send me a pic of your splitters installed and for what year did you buy the BMW splitters looks good in the uninstalled pic
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