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  • dcshawty123 ·
    Are you talking about the kooks headers? If so, I got a Vortech Supercharger with Kooks Headers and catless mid pipes for 2200 :D I think I got a great deal
    racindemon ·
    If you ever plan on coming down let me know ahead of time and ill meet up with you. The car shows here are not super exciting so I don't want you to waste the trip either
    bbdodge ·
    hey can you tell me where what kind of wheel you have with the fat lip...not wanting the exact ones just would like to know the size/offset..also how is yours lowered
    nicklittle430 ·
    hey i noticed in your post signature, you said you had an LMI cai, i have that one too. i also saw you said you had the functional hood scoop mod, i was curious how you made that work, ive had i few DIY ideas myself, but what did you do to make it work?
    BethsRT ·
    We're twins! LOL Hey, beautiful ride. If you're like me, I'm totally in love with this car. Take care!

    ghostrt ·
    well lately has been a mission for me .. 2 weeks ago i spent the weekend moving .. last weekend i went to the shindig in Georgia .. and yesterday .. it rained .. i went by towers around 6 ... it was raining and empty .. so when i got home in my work van i didnt go back out .. hopefully this friday i will make it ... no not a member .... should I be ??? lol
    BBRT ·
    Ghost... why don't we see you at Tower Shops? One other question because I'm pushy... are you a Deep South Mopars member?
    09 Plym ·
    I bought the hood and nose from SMS, the web site is SMSSUPERCARS.COM.

    I paid $3550 last year for the parts. THey were horrible to work with, took more than double the time to get my parts than they promised, parts were missing and no instructions and horrible support. I could never recommend anyone buy from them. What I thought was going to be a 20-30 hour project is now well over 100 hours.
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