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  • Gopher Baroque ·
    Part of my homework after the Check Engine incident was to review the Diablo Sport inTune i3 (strategic purchase: planning for 91 octane tune and alternate wheel sizes, not just puling/clearing trouble codes) My question to the forum:

    inTune i3 P/N 8300 is "50 states legal", including one fixed 91 octane tune. P/N 8345 includes the 91 octane tune, along with ability to flash other tunes.
    Those of you who have purchased either unit, why did you choose that one and not the other?
    Gopher Baroque ·
    Today I got trapped on the freeway for a long time. After an hour of inching along at idle in 75 deg weather, the 'check engine' light went on (2013 R/T Classic, 345 auto). After people cleared around me, I had another 20 - 30 minutes of freeway cruising to blow air over things. I noticed that I lost 'ECO' mode and the engine sounded a little 'different' I wouldn't say it was 'bad', just a different sort of mellow.

    After arriving home and letting the car cool, one of the things I tried was switching 'accessory' - 'run' several times quickly. On one of those tries, I saw 'P0072'. The next try ended with '-----'. I used the disconnect the battery trick to clear the indicator. I'll verify with tomorrow's commute.

    I looked up P0072 code, "Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Input", thrown by ambient air temperature higher than the intake air temperature. This is believable since the car was being enveloped by engine heat for a long time in near-no-wind conditions.
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