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  • JimRam2 ·
    Why are gary712 and 09ChalllengerRT still on the time slip list? The times posted are impossible and neither one has a time slip. Somebody should clean up the time slip database or it becomes meaningless.
    rickgonz ·
    Let me know if the wording on my update for 2016 Moparpalooza today is/is not acceptable. I don't want to violate rules! Thanks, Rick G.
    PaVaSteeler ·
    I'm awaiting delivery of my first Challenger, a 2015 R/T Scat Pack 392. I met some folks at the local Cars & Coffee today in Fairfax, and they mentioned something about an annual Skyline Challenger you have any information on that? I'd like to participate this year (if I get delivery of my car in time). Thx.
    BBCP10RT ·
    thanks for the welcome, i am wondering why the picture of the car is not showing at left of screen next to username, or is there a step i have not taken in order to get it there, or is this not available for new junior members? thank you
    R/T Bee ·
    Hey this is Cuda Cliff ...... Is there a way that I can get my screen name changed from Cuda Cliff to ........ R/T Bee (if available) I have had new license plates made with that lettering! :)

    If not then thats ok

    Best of regards

    Cliff Ward
    [email protected]
    Junkman ·
    Hey Thanks for the welcome let me ask you about your car - I have a 09 SRT8 - there have been some mods but I am not sure if its been lowered- I see you have the lowering (kit) or springs on your car can you tell me if that changed the ride good or bad. I think I have a mopar cat back exhaust - it sounds great- not sure If I have shorty headers or not-hey did you do any tire upgrades - I am thinking of the lowering kit and a wider wheel in the rear like a 295 on a 10.5 wheel????
    Cuda340 ·

    We "tag-teamed" Elite Engineering.

    I thought that since it was his first post, not to come down too hard on him and only issue a warning. I see that you gave him a point.

    Can one of our actions be retracted?

    ALorenz ·
    Great great putting a face with the avitar Saturday, you have an amazing SRT. Good luck next weekend.
    Envy ·
    I saw your Black SRT8 about a month ago at Springfield Motorsports and I have to say its just beautiful. What you have under the hood is inspiring and I bet the sound is amazing with the Corsa exhaust. The question I had was if your suspension was stock because it looked a little lower than my R/T although I know the SRT's already sit about an 1" lower?
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