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  • Gyrobob ·
    Hi. I have been trying to attach a pic to my post in the block heater cord thread. I can't seem to figure out how to get a message to show, and now I have two posts with the same message. How do I fix this? Thanks.
    LMyers ·
    Thanks for the previous input, I'm going to go ahead and do a 6.4 swap. Do you have or now of any reliable used engine companies? I see many of them are using the same search for engines and have the exact same warranty?
    Hal H ·
    take a look at the thread A Guy posted a video - its under the "controls" section on the 8.4" radio.

    I don't know if you have the base SXT (clothe interior) which often has the 5" radio (has physical buttons on L / R sides of screen)

    If you do have the SXT Plus (leather) and the 8.4" radio, then the controls section for heated / vented seat operations and a couple of other items - the mirror settings are there.
    RNashCPA ·
    Hal, I was trying to post a new thread in Challenger News and it wouldn't let me, not sure why? Here's what I wanted to start a thread about. A friend just sent me a pick of a front of a Challenger that had a "GT" badge in the place where the "SRT" or "R/T" badge would normally be on the front greille, he also said it had "AWD". Said it was a "leak from the printer" so have you heard anything about this? Thanks, Rick
    383Mag ·
    Apparently the T/A and Daytona are not available to order here in Idaho yet. Do you have any knowledge of why this would be?
    motorheadkev ·
    Good Morning Hal
    have you heard any word on when we can start seeing 2016 Challengers in the show rooms.
    I will not make a move on any car until I can drive it, and weight the pro's and con's.

    it seems many people on this forum just go out and buy a new car before release. they have that much confidence in the Dodge. wow, some following.

    thanks for the info.
    phargophil ·
    Hi Hal,

    Sorry to bother you, but you seem to be the most knowledgeable guy around regarding Challenger service, so I'd like to ask a question.

    I have a 2009 RT that have the daytime running lights activated. The question is, can they be deactivated by a service technician without any changes or updates being installed? The reason I ask is that I have a supercharger custom tune loaded and I really don't want that altered.

    Thank you for your time,
    Hal H ·
    I'll have to look at the printed brochures to see what's mentioned.

    The dark brush finish appears to be the default on SP interiors (and R/Ts), but when you option to the other packages, Hectic Mesh seems to be be grouped with the Scat Pack Appearance Group/ Scat Pack Stripe Group package...
    409 Fever ·
    Hi Hal,
    I am getting ready to order a Scat Pack Shaker in a few days.
    my dealer is not much help...

    You wrote:
    The Scat Pack Appearance Group is an add on option that supercedes the Shaker hood/roof/trunk extra cost of course.
    It also replaces the all-leather "Shaker" embroidered seats with the Alcantara/leather seats (with SP Bee logo) that are part of the Leather Interior Group and Scat Pack Appearance Group on the Scat Pack 6.4 models...

    Is it possible to get the ultra premium-all leather-shaker seats (*SJ), Shaker stripe, and the hectic mesh?
    You are saying i will get the bee stripe and bee seats with alcantara?
    Any way to add hectic mesh to the std shaker?
    Thanks in advance...
    Desertdawg ·
    Hi Hal,

    This regards my post "2014 DRL US Activation Solved" started 3-19-14

    My dealer asked that do to the volume of emails and calls that there contact info be removed from my post.
    Thanks to their help Chrysler has found a solution to this issue. I edited my original post to reflect the new info.
    Problem is all the replies that quoted my original post with their contact info are still unedited through out my post.

    Can we help them out and delete all the replies and just keep my first edited post?

    Kind Regards

    Hans Reisel
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