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  1. "How much does a Scat Pack cost?"

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    Also every car has consumables no matter what the nameplate on the car is....and all the other fees come with other cars too. I mean somehow you would have to know your "normal" spend and calculate the difference.
  2. Challenger R/T... not fast?!

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    THIS.... I guess he wanted the last word really bad..:lol:
  3. Challenger R/T... not fast?!

    General Challenger Discussion
    wow another dissertation.. :wink3:
  4. Challenger R/T... not fast?!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Dude...or person that identifies with dude... Supporting evidence for what? Evidence is not needed for what I said... and on top of that there is plenty of supporting out there already. You might be better off listening more and talking less. :cheers: It's the internet dude...chill...
  5. Challenger New vs Used

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    couldn't resist....:grin2:
  6. Challenger New vs Used

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    That what is is designed to do...the Hellcat only more so so mo powa to ya...:grin2: u ain't hurtin it:pinklove:
  7. My catch can fuel line fell out for who knows how long....

    Bolt On's
    You might as well trade it for a Hellcat now. :cheers: You're welcome.
  8. Wide Body Dodge Challenger??? by ASANTI

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    I'm invoking what my mama told me a long time ago....I ain't saying nothing.
  9. Challenger New vs Used

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    There is a metric shit ton of low mile not abused Hellcats out there...There are three withing shouting distance of me that have less that 2200 miles and a couple under 1000... As long as the Kitty is stock they are very good candidates for purchase. If there is any car out there that would...
  10. FOR SALE: 2016 Challenger Hellcat

    Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Come on peeps, this would be a 52k or more car on a dealer lot...
  11. Well, my trunk is leaking and my Tazer is ruined...

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    Is the battery leaking?
  12. Thoughts on this used SP lemon buypack for paint?

    2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    If i was ever going to buy a lemon car it would be for the paint....You can clearly see if its good or not. You can have the clear measured to make sure you have enough... Modern paint today is not like 10 years ago even.. Have a professional body shop check it out even if you pay a...
  13. 2018 dash light control

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Yes...but there is "that" area where its too light for dark and too dim for day lol.... There needs to be a little more range on the "dull" side before it goes into full bright...which is way too bright for night. Both my 15 and 16 were/are this way.
  14. help , what to buy??? scatpack? 1320 , or hellcat?

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    No, we have lard ass and larder ass. :lol:
  15. What did you do to your Challenger today??

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    That looks great, This is one of my favorite upgrades. I have the white for my Scat pack...The shorter stick is perfect and looks factory. Speed dawg is the bomb.