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  • Toddsmith ·
    Hey Dale I use to have my own business called Speedtech Performance and my own machine shop. I'm also a police officer and was promoted so I had to make a choice between business or career. I sold Speedtech and my machine shop.

    I did a tour in Afghanistan and when I came home I bought my RT Classic. So I just designed them for myself and then snowballed into selling them. Since then I have been promoted again and work is too busy for me to commit to both.

    If you are free tomorrow I will give you a call and we can discuss. I appreciate the licence offer and will give it some thought. I'm not in it to get Rich and would probably consider selling everything, the cad drawings, all parts and the rights.

    So let me know if tomorrow works for a chat.

    idahoprime ·
    Do you happen to remember where you got your spoiler badges? They look great. Was looking to do something similar with mine. Thanks!
    us1champ ·
    just curious where did you get the white covering for your hoses on your coolant catch can?

    Hugh Jassol ·
    Hugh Jassol wants to know why people can not see his post! Answer Hugh Jassol! Say his name! Say it! Say you like Hugh Jassol!

    Thank You Hugh Jassol!
    Green Man ·
    Dear Hemi57,

    Thanks for the reply. The local graphics place ( wants $350 to make and install 3M hood stripes. I should be able to get it done cheaper. I'll check this guy out. Thanks. S. Stride
    Green Man ·
    Dear Hemi57,

    Greetings from the Green Man! You have the dual stripes on your hood. Are they OEM or from RiderGraphics? What is the gap between the dual hood stripes... 1", 1.25", 1.5" etc?


    Scot Stride
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