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  • Hemiram09 ·
    Hey AJ, if you need a test mule give me a call. 2013 R/T 6 spd. This is Jeff from Town and Country Auto, behind Dicky and Doug.
    Bad SRT ·
    Hey AJ, got into a little rumble with a BMW M5, what would give me some extra
    power from the 70-120 mph range, that mid range I assume, we started at about 50 mph, he got the jump on me cause I wasnt even looking to race, I had to change lanes and let off the gas and still was catching him, at 96 mph I let off, cars around, some extra pull in that mid range would be nice.
    Thanks. Ernest
    Bad SRT ·

    See you are online, got the tuner, I have your number that I called when I was having issues on the road that day, when could I call you for help on loading the tune, or you could send me how to do it online here, and if I run into any trouble I could call then, my CAI and TCM still have not arrived, was Don at work today. Let me know, thanks. Ernest
    5.7plumcrazy ·
    AJ just wanted to know if you have the can tune for my 5.7 classic stopped over you shop last week with plum classic let me know Lou thanks
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