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  • Jack from the track ·
    I think you are on the right track with pushrod length. I believe you adjustable pushrods

    lost their adjustment. In 50 years of building engines and drag racing I have never

    seen adjustable pushrods used in a performance engine. Use the adjustable pushrods

    to determine the proper length and then order a set of custom pushrods of the

    determined length.

    The increased weight of adjustable pushrods is also a detriment to performance.

    I would suggest contacting a performance shop and avoiding the high price

    and average work of a dealership.

    Jack from the track
    Spasticdog70 ·
    Hey there Wildone! Hows it going with your car? Any word yet?
    It's been gorgeous here in TN. Cruising with the windows down trying to get this new engine broke in the last two days.
    Tell me some good news,
    mofarmer ·
    I have a 2012 R/T and it has the annoying tick. I live in central Missouri the car has 9300 miles, the dealer has listened to it and all I was told is "thats normal". BS I have been driving cars for 40 years and this is not normal!!
    Good luck on getting something done.

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