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  • Keroco ·
    Sup man. I'm new to the forum but have had a Challenger for almost half a year. I have a 2010 SE and am trying to make the exhaust sound beefier. I've noticed Ghost no longer logs on and was wondering if y'all still keep in contact so I could get in touch with him and see if he can do the exhaust for me at his shop. I live in San Antonio too so he's in my area.
    movnviol ·
    Hello. new user. How do you get military and safety badge. I found something about a week or two ago and followed the instructions and nothing became of it. Can you help a brother out. Thanks.
    btcaub ·
    Yesterday, enterprise Rent a car in O'fallon had a 2014 Camaro on their lot. They messed that car up...rear end is awful...
    Also just FYI, driving into STL on Thursday afternoon, some dude with a Black Challenger, Shaker hood, go wing, and chrome wheels was driving like a total Ass-hat on I-64. Cutting people off left and right, trying to get me and then a corvette to race him, on I-64 at like 5 pm...
    videoviper ·
    hey i saw your pis from the plastic dip. your steering wheel looks great. did you paint the panels while it was on your steering wheel or is there a way to remove them?
    Moze ·
    Hey IDMTfirefighter, Moze here. I live in St. Louis and would love to meet some fellow Challenger owners. I'm not too savvy when it comes to advanced forum usage. (uploading pics, etc.) But, if you post the time and place, count me in. Thanks in advance. I look forward to meeting you.
    chukarboy ·
    There is a lot of stupid stuff at MMF but its not edited and you are treated like an adult. The knowledge center and some of the builds are some of the best stuff out there. PWR, AJ, Arrington, CAM, ST motorsports all the top builders of our cars are on the site helping members.

    I love CT and spend a lot of time here, I paid to be a gold lifetime member. But there is some great info at MMF also just like LX forum, read Lowlifes build thread that was abandon here and picked up there.

    I never gave advice to go to MMF, I just said "other forums", in the mc88 thread a CT member or moderator edited my reply and put a picture of a piece of **** and changed my wording without it saying it was edited at the bottom. Was that you?

    Its not funny when your content can be changed and readers cant tell and think it was you.
    Walaby ·
    Thanks for the visitor message and the congrats. Im just hoping I can help bring the board back to some semblence of normalcy. Was asked to help, and I care too much about this forum so figured I'd give it a shot
    Mopar muscle 73 ·
    Just because I didn't want to take over the topic in general. You've got to be kidding me with your replies right??

    The admin's post was why I posted at all. There have been a multitude of posts with people posting about issues like this. I had all the right in the world to ask this and the admin has no problem with it AT ALL. We pm'ed today. But why they won't post in general to allow others to see the answers but that's not my call.

    You and the other guy Cuda though, did not post anything constructive, did not do anything but troll which is what you claim I did.

    You are a lapdog and it sure doesn't mean your a mid or admin. You're their lapdog, keeping their lap warm and waiting for the pat on the head.

    It's ok though, I'm not going to judge you on that alone. I'll wait for more exciting banter and bullcrap.

    Oh yeah, and you got banned at the Z.... Fail msn, pure fail. No big loss in some ways but I guess that's why you are a lapdog now.

    Have a nice day.
    itzrick ·
    Why did you change your symbol? The real reason I was writing was I was wondering if you plan on going to the Challengerfeast this year?
    BobMAz ·

    I went to send you a pm on the Z site and saw you were banned over there. It seems they are easily offended. I'm not asking or anything, just commenting :indifferent:

    Anyways - I saw your nose badge pic and saw it was colored in. Where did you get it done? The BT folks where I got my Mopar M said they can't do color.

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