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  1. Drill-Powered Wheel Brush

    Detailing / Car Care
  2. Article on the Future Challenger

    Off-Topic Discussion
    YUCK, looks like a bastardized 2 door charger
  3. Are Black Wheels Now Out of Style?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Don't forget hyper-black. These are my favourite.
  4. What Is Your Favorite Hood?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
  5. 2019 Camaro Refresh

    The Garage: For OTHER car talk
    Just my opinion but...YUCK. Looks like a cross of a Hyundai Genesis and a Camray.
  6. I want good tires for wet roads for my 2014 SXT

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    IMHO; Michelin Pilot Super Sports Then Continental DWS
  7. New from Alberta Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome from Vanouver Island,BC
  8. Factory Five Kit Cars

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    Certainly look pretty neat, but unless you have a burning passion to build a car and take 2 years to do it, just buy one already done. Plenty around for sale
  9. Question about Build Sheet and 1-Touch Up Windows

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thanks, should I should have clarified but the car is a full load R/T392 Scat Pack Shaker. The only thing I deleted was the trunk stripe. Had a better quality one installed locally by the dealer.
  10. Question about Build Sheet and 1-Touch Up Windows

    General Challenger Discussion
    My 2018 was built 7/2017 and no auto up. Was told this won't be added until later in the model year, some kind of software issue. On start up, I get the "shaker" logo, not the dancing bee (mine is R/T 392 Shaker car). I love the car, but there are a few things that make me go....hmmmm
  11. Question about adaptive cruise control

    General Challenger Discussion
    If the radar senses you are about to hit something, the DIC will light up and the car will automatically apply the brakes...HARD When using adaptive cruise control you set the distance to short, medium, long and the vehicle will automatically slow to maintain distance then go back to preset...
  12. Not sure about new added emblem-rear

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    My thoughts...I have a Challenger R/T 392 Scat Pack. The bee logo's on the fenders (factory) then I put the R/T logo on the right hand side of the spoiler. I think it breaks up the back nicely.
  13. Scat Pack splash screen gone for 2018?

    General Challenger Discussion
    I have a 2018 R/T 392 Scat Pack Shaker, with the "appearance package" and every option available and I get shaker on start auto up windows either.
  14. Scat Pack or Hellcat?

    General Challenger Discussion
    I came out of a 15 Hellcat and moved to a 18 R/T 392 SCAT Pack Shaker, full load-everything 63k CAD funds So...Unless you have; Money to burn Are drag racing weekends ‘My dog is bigger than your dog’ desire Save your money and go with R/T It will still get you into trouble, only about 1.5...