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  • pigman440 ·
    Hi JimRam2,

    I have no secret except I have raced quite a bit in last 4 years with my 2011,2014 Mustang automatics and my 2014 Chevy SS /Auto.
    I practice left foot braking on street so when I get to the track I am not stymied by it. Also when I am running T & T I cut the lights as much as I can really doesn't matter if you red light so I try to get best light I can. I am 75 so I am not the fastest kid on the block but I went through all my run slips last year and I had the best reaction time abut 885 of the time. you read what tire pressures and so on I run. I do good burn out then flip gear to automode and torque up the max I can till it tries to scoot me and nail it. I have a friend who has a tree he practices on but I am not that serious!! I sold my DRs till car gets several thousand miles (take me a while @2,000 annually) and they have tunes available. At this point I think it has reached the point it is not gong to do much more.
    Good luck,
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