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  • DarkHemi ·
    Hi Jooeys, I wonder if I could ask a question? I just ordered a SPS; it is on the way (KZ) and I was wondering where you got the info I see in your post below?

    Feb 23 - Ordered
    Mar 9 - D status & VIN
    Mar 11 - D1 & E status
    Mar 12 - F & G status
    Mar 13 - I status
    Mar 14 - J status
    Mar 16 - JB status (shipped for shaker & stripes)
    Mar 27 - KZ status
    Apr 01 - Delivered to dealership & picked up

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Joe.
    392SHAKER ·
    Well got the word today its in KZ hope to see in late this week or early next week hope to see you in the road for a coffee
    Thanks for the advice
    392SHAKER ·
    Hi Jooeys
    Was wondering if you have and reliable sources at your dealer ship on weather there is any chance that I will get my car this 2015 model year my order went in on 5/6/2015 as of today no VIN just a VON
    thanks in advance
    392SHAKER ·
    Hey Good to see someone from the Hammer I ordered my SPS from Taylor Chrysler hope to get delivery in July but not sure yet. Just dropping a line to say Hi and hope to pass you on the road.
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