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  • tony in uk ·
    If you have any problems getting a machine shop to do the bearing drifts, if the are the same size as my cam bearings on my Challenger I can get them made here for you and ship them out. Rockauto do sell the bearing kits as other manufactures do, my part no was (SealedPower 1935M) I`m almost they are the same check them out
    tony in uk ·
    Just to let you know we have made up 5 bearing inserts they are different sizes, to `PRESS IN` and not hammer in the Cam Shaft Bearings, so far so good ! we made up a guide plug if you want to call that ,so the stud was sitting true in the Bearing `channel` then tighten the nut to draw in the new bearing, (our drift which we made will upgrade to design part 2 ) will let you know later

    the drift did not quite pull the bearing in, we then put the old bearing on, then pulled it in so the new bearing was pulled in so the oil hole lined up perfectly I do intend to send photo1s in to show how we done it hope this may be of interest
    regards Tony
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