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  • mokeman3 ·
    I just looked it up, and it appears that the 5.7 and the 6.1 use the same valve: - the best way to change oil

    mokeman3 ·
    Sorry, I just now found this post. I'm not sure if the valve part number is the same, since I thing the 6.1 oil pan may actually be different. But if you go to their website, they have a complete list of what part number is used for what vehicle.
    Butterscotch71 ·
    You have to remove the black plastic covers above the headlights and over the grille. Then remove the plastic shroud that attaches to the back of the radiator.
    chris1992 ·
    Once you pop the hood, try pulling up on the 2 plastic cover (above the lights) and once they are off..try wedging your hand infront of the radiator through the rubber shroud. Hope this helps!
    Speedy! ·
    Best to just call BT and tell them what you're going for. The one I have just mounts to the stud on the motor.
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