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  • A Guy ·
    Thanks Mike. I have been on Windows forums a long time, and 1st thing I do is scroll to the bottom and see who is having a Birthday. At Ten Forums we have a thread that is just Happy Birthday :) I appreciate the sentiments :thumbsup:

    ChallengerCarl ·
    Hi! I'm new here and noticed from your signature you have a petty front shock tower brace on your 2016 SXT+. I started a thread to ask this, but I noticed you had one so I thought I'd ask about it. I've ordered one but was curious about installation. Did you have any problem on the driver's side with the valve cover breather hose? Looking at pictures and comparing with my engine it looks like the hose is shaped different on the 15s and 16s then it used to be. Just kinda hoping to get some insight from someone who has the Petty bar on their 2016 SXT. Thanks
    HEH MIKE,i tracked ya down's the 2016 plum crazy car been?finally joined over here to see how the ''NEW AGE CHALLENGER LIVES" Good to see ya over here too!
    MEKrunner ·
    Rick, I've been thinking of getting rid of my 70 the last couple of years. I no longer enjoy playing mechanic, and I really don't drive it much anymore. A little over 1000 miles the last 2 years combined.

    At this time I don't plan to pick up anything else, but there is always that car corral at Carlisle to tempt me. I saw some really good deals on early 70's B-Bodies. The over the roof strobe stripes are so cool on a 71-72 Road Runner.

    So how are you enjoying the new Chally?
    NH13RT ·
    Wow Mike. I had no idea that you were getting rid of your 70. I haven't been paying as much attention to Cuda in the past few months. Are you planning to pick up something else?

    I've been working a lot, especially the past few weeks. And just waiting for the weather to get better.
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