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  • 73duster ·
    The extra inch of outer lip was already achieved by widening the wheels to the 9 inches AND having the backspace at 6.75". I did not have to make any other alterations to the wheels, as the 30 MM spacers push the wheels outward the correct amount.
    73duster ·
    I DID consider it, but i felt like i needed the extra lip in order to give the center part of the wheel more DEPTH. Due to the 30MM spacers, the wheel centers on the front stick out 1 1/4 inch more than the rear centers.
    Also, one of the reasons i've always liked the old school steelie look is the lips on the rims. This is especially noticeable since i'm using body colored wheels, which i want to highlight.
    Hope i was able to explain clearly.
    stevewhite ·
    works fine on scat pack, installing in the shop as we speak, we have done 5 or 6 scat packs so far, you were credited 13.00 approx back on the purchase
    your good to go
    JCSRT05 ·
    Hey! I'm way out in Loudoun but wanted to reach out to other Challenger owners in the area. I placed an order for an SRT and impatiently waiting for it.
    capecodcaper ·
    You and I basically ordered the same exact car! Nice!

    Except I went automatic because I don't feel comfortable yet with a manual haha (and I like my remote start too much)
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