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  • fpereira23 ·

    I have problems posting threads. I have some issues and want to ask the community for advise but once I hit the submit thread button the screen goes blank and the post is not uploaded.

    Can you help me with this issue?

    diver88 ·
    Hello, been trying to get info on transmission issue/ possible issue and got to where I can sign in but it won't let me post/ask question.. what am I doing wrong please. been a member a good while but started having sign in problems and drifted away.. can you help me please?

    thanks, Terry (diver88)
    stevenabutler ·
    I submitted an ad to post my vehicle for sale this morning. It still hasn't shown up. Does it take a while? Just want to make sure I didn't do something incorrectly and should try again.

    Thanks, Steve
    HurstPerformance ·
    Since late last week, we have been unable to post any new threads as "Hurst" or "Flowmaster". Today when using the "Preview" option I received "HTTP Error 500" message. I was in the "Hurst" Vendor Section, using "Start New Thread" using "Google Chrome". Can you please look into this and get back to me as soon as possible?

    Thank you,

    Jason @ Hurst
    Granite14 ·
    Hello Rambit... I have been trying to post for several days. After I hit submit it just goes to a white screen and never posts.
    Little Devil ·
    Bit confused. Appreciate clarity Members can vendor bash, insult and the likes but the Vendors must just take it, and you close the thread? Not sure what happened, but what I do know in every case of the exchanges, I did not start the insults or negativity
    George Simpson ·
    I originally signed up with my FB account and I would prefer to have a regular account. Is there a way to do this and merge the two so I do not have 2 active accounts? Thanks
    392PPE ·
    I'm a LP Member since 7/2014. My ORIGINAL user name was 392PPE, my ORIGINAL email address was [email protected] Never received a reset password email. I rarely visit the forum. By the time I learned of the password issue, I had already changed email providers and address. I attempted to reset my password recently. It didn't recognize my original/registered email address (it no longer exists). Only way I thought I could try & resolve the issue was to re-register and use the Contact Us link to explain my situation. I tried that earlier today. Upon clicking the Submit button I received a message which led me to believe that even that submission was not accepted. So I thought I would try to contact an administrator directly. I'm hoping you can transfer my $40 LP membership and 2 Garages info from my original user name & email to my new user name 392PPE2 & email [email protected] Thanks for your help!
    spaceshipon22s ·
    Hey, I have tried at least 10 times to contact a moderator for a new password but I have not received anything. So I had to register again. My username is Spaceshipon22s and my email is [email protected] I have been a member since at least 2009 and I really wanted to keep my old registration,avatar,friends,etc... So is it possible for you to email me my new password for my real username so I can log back in and resume my nice forum experience.
    cmptech ·
    Good morning ,

    I am a new member and would like to sell my custom painted Challenger parts on this forum. Would I be able to use the classified section or would I be considered a vendor? If I am categorized as a vendor where would I go on the forum to sell my parts?

    Best Regards,

    192cobra ·

    A little confused on your policy. MVP Track Time has a posting advertising his "commercial entity" however I don't see MVP Track Time listed as a sponsor. Can someone explain this? Thanks.
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